The Answer to Connecting with Gen Z: The Power of Voice 

Guest Blog by Jay Reeder, CEO and Founder of VoiceNation

The Answer to Connecting with Gen Z: The Power of Voice 

Many businesses today are tasked with a common issue, making a connection with Gen Z. This new generation of consumers is unique to other age groups as they have been born into the era of technology and the 24/7 economy. In 2020, Gen Z will make up 40 percent of U.S. consumers, so many businesses need to be prepared to capitalise on this rising market segment. After all, they currently have the buying power of $143 billion.

The first thing business owners and entrepreneurs need to do is understand the characteristics of Gen Z. Because they were born with the technology we currently have in place, they expect instant gratification and they demand easily accessible information. But just because they’re practically fused to their phones doesn’t mean they shy away from human interaction. This generation still values personal connection; that seems like almost an uncommon pairing. Authentic experiences are rewarded and expected by this demographic and should be a focal point of your CX strategy. They prize technology, but also want the human touch. That’s where the power of voice comes in.

Real-time customer experience is the expectation of this generation. And that can’t necessarily be provided through email or by using a chatbot. It’s much easier to pick up the phone and call someone directly to provide answers and support. To engage this generation, it’s critical to have live agents providing customer service. So, when Gen Z is calling, can you answer? And not just answer, but answer quickly? Because Gen Z is more likely to hang up the phone if their call isn’t answered in 45 seconds.

If you’re unable to answer the call or can’t pick up in time, the caller is likely to just dial the next business on their list and you’ve missed out on a sale. They won’t leave a message and likely won’t call back. Luckily many customer experience tools are available to help, including live answering. By utilising a live answering platform, you know that all your calls will be answered right away. What’s important to note is that Gen Z consumers expect excellent customer service. Outsourcing your call handling overseas is going to frustrate and turn customers away. If you consider choosing live answering, look for U.S.-based operators who will be able to connect and relate to your audience. Empathy goes a long way with Gen Z, which is why real time CX is so crucial.

Other ways to engage with Gen Z is to be online and mobile friendly. This generation spends nearly 4 hours a day connected online, whether on a smartphone, tablet, computer or multiple screens at once. Having an online presence, especially on social media channels, is an excellent way to reach this generation. Social media is incredibly important to this generation and you need to give them content they truly want to engage in. Not only do they want to know how your business can help them, but they also want to know about your business. Real stories, day-in-the-life snippets behind the scenes videos and how-to content is highly consumed by Gen Z. This is an added component of offering a seamless customer experience, being able to meet Gen Z on many channels. But above all, to truly connect with Gen Z, you must be authentic and available. This means always having someone ready to answer a question or help a customer, even after hours. These steps are necessary to appeal to Gen Z and build lasting customer loyalty.


Guest Blog by Jay Reeder, Founder and CEO at VoiceNation
With over 28 years in telecommunications, Jay Reeder built his career by creating innovative solutions to real-world challenges. He began crafting voicemail systems in high school, which led to his first “real” summer job at a telecommunications company called SDI. In 2002 he founded revolutionary live answering call center VoiceNation. Jay is an innovative, forward-thinking leader who inspires, encourages and offers opportunities to make the world a better place.


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