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  • UC Renaissance

    The UC Renaissance

    Due to great marketing and exceptional UX, customers have inherited the right to demand more. More from their employer, more from their comms vendor and more from a suite of comms tools. More

  • Single Pane Of Glass

    Single Pane in the Ass

    We are a generation of high demand, which puts high pressure on Unified Comms and Contact Centre vendors. That’s their problem, not yours. More

  • BYOD Privacy

    Where do Businesses Stand with BYOD and Privacy?

    The BYOD rise indicates a great sensibility within IT teams. Thinking back all to all those extra laptops and mobiles that just sat in the bottom drawer of the office, it was a no brainer for procurement. More

  • Google Duplex VR

    Google Duplex and The Virtual Meeting

    It’s an exciting time to be working in the Unified Comms and Collaboration industry. It’s even more exciting to be buying in the Unified Comms and Collaboration industry. More

  • Facebook Privacy Dom Kent

    Privacy: Do we Even Care about Facebook?

    As of 20th April 2018, Slack confirmed that employers can now read the private messages of their employees – is privacy a concern for staff at work or us at home? More

  • Snow UC

    How to UC in the Snow

    Millions of pounds will have been lost in productivity and output alone, let alone transactions that couldn’t go through due to staff or system failures. More