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Cognitive Collaboration and the New Webex

July 17, 2019

Centile ISTRA – Simple Enterprise Collaboration

July 5, 2019

VoIPstudio to Add Screen and File Sharing

July 3, 2019

Collaboration Platforms at Risk of Security Flaws

July 18, 2019

Out Loud: How to Leverage the Power of Emerging...

July 17, 2019
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Templafy: Document Collaboration Made Simple

July 16, 2019

WhatsApp: The App That Changed Messaging

June 6, 2019

Telstra: Powering Webex Meetings for the Enterprise

June 4, 2019

Microsoft Teams Reaches 13 Million Daily Users

July 15, 2019

Teams: The Future of UC?

July 12, 2019

The Interoperability Dilemma in the Age Of Slack

July 12, 2019

Angekis and Icron Deliver Incredible UC Video

July 3, 2019

Zoom Delivers Enhanced User and Developer Features

July 15, 2019

Cisco Delivers Real-Time AV1 Video Codec

July 12, 2019

Zoom Security Issue: UC Unicorns Aren’t Invincible

July 11, 2019

Microsoft Teams vs. RingCentral Glip

July 5, 2019

Poly’s Polycom Studio Review: Built for Big Ideas

July 8, 2019

Don’t Get your Huddle in a Muddle

June 27, 2019

Edify Labs Announces New Edify Huddle Platform

July 19, 2019

Lifesize Go: Your Partner for Effortless Video

June 20, 2019

Jabra Introduces Intelligent Real-time Video

June 19, 2019


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Collaboration Platforms at Risk of Security Flaws

Ian, WebRTC would make this question moot. There would be no need to install anything, hence no need for a local web server and no security risk of this kind. I've written about…

16:42, 18 Jul 2019

Collaboration Platforms at Risk of Security Flaws

Good points made here. WebRTC could have avoided the issue? What do YOU think?

11:32, 18 Jul 2019