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New Pricing for Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Bar

Award-winning CS-700 series soundbar gets a new price

New Pricing for Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Bar

Leading unified communications and video conferencing solutions provider, Yamaha is striving to make its solutions more accessible to the masses. The company announced its quest to produce high-quality audio and collaboration systems more obtainable with updated price points for the CS-700 Video Sound Bar. The updated pricing structure supports the increasing demand for high-quality video, audio and collaboration features in smaller huddle-room style conference spaces.

Yamaha’s award-winning CS-700 video soundbar will now be available for a much cheaper price, allowing more companies to access the latest technology. For years, Yamaha’s state-of-the-art approach to the manufacture and development of enterprise-grade phones, video sound bars, and microphone systems have earned the company a strong reputation. Now more customers will be able to discover the benefits of Yamaha technology for themselves.

Bringing Award-Winning Tech to the Masses

In a press release about the new pricing strategy, the Vice President for Marketing and Global Sales, Mike Fitch, spoke out. According to Fitch, when the CS-700 was introduced 2 years ago, it was embedded with the highest-quality of AV technology on the market. The tech was designed to create an all-in-one video, audio and collaboration solution to set a new benchmark in meeting room deployment and user experience.


Yamaha CS-700

Since then, the Yamaha brand has continued to build on their impressive UC device with a range of new benefits and features, including upgraded camera performance, a 3-year warranty, and a variety of modern image settings. Now, the company is taking its offering to the next level with a new strategy for affordability.

According to Yamaha’s team, as the demand for video conferencing solutions continues to accelerate, a new price point of now more than $799 for the CS-700 will help to make the tech more accessible to organisations of all sizes. This will also align with the new product development strategy that Yamaha has in place as they continue to work on their UC solution portfolio.

Affordable Support for Huddle Rooms

Designed to support the growing trend of huddle rooms replacing larger, cumbersome conference room spaces, the Yamaha CS-700 Video sound bar and collaboration system comes with a range of features built-in. Users can expect high-quality video, audio and collaboration capabilities, along with a smart and simple wall-mounted unit that’s easier than ever to deploy and install. The soundbar comes with an adaptive beamforming array of microphones to capture a conversation with ease.

There are also four speaker elements built into the Yamaha solution to provide a higher level of audio quality, and a wide-angle camera with HD performance. Even far-end participants in a huddle room will be able to see their co-workers with clarity and detail. What’s more, users will have the option to quickly and easily connect their technology to any UC platform through a primary USB connection. This eliminates the inefficiency and frustration often associated with operating collaboration, audio, and video endpoints separately. What’s more, the CS-700 integrated network management solution will allow IT, staff, to remotely deploy and manage all of their units from the same unified location.


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