Shure Audio Ecosystem: Simplifying High Quality Audio Management for Offices

Ecosystem developed to offer integrated audio and visual equipment and enhance deployment flexibility

Shure Audio Ecosystem: Simplifying High Quality Audio Management for Offices

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, the world of work has changed. Enterprises have moved away from the traditional office environment and corporate real estate is likely to continue evolving as a small percentage of workers return to offices for at least some of the time. Many will continue to work from home, but offices will still play an important role.

Current office architecture is likely to change from smaller meeting rooms and huddle rooms to larger meeting rooms reconfigured to accommodate fewer people in line with social distancing guidelines.

These new room adaptations also affect audiovisual specification. In the past, smaller rooms generally had been equipped with lower specification equipment suited for informal or quick meetings, with an emphasis on ease and efficiency.

Now though, clear, concise communication is required consistently across all aspects of an organisation regardless of space.

It’s well understood that audio-related issues cause some of the greatest frustrations in virtual meetings, so focusing on high-quality audio is an obvious step to take. However, a fragmented approach to this can cause integration issues and just shift the existing problem into a new problem. What’s needed is a standardised estate of audiovisual equipment to ensure consistent quality and user experience.

By adopting an ecosystem of components, management becomes more practical, the user experience is easier and more enjoyable, and it is simpler to be flexible as components readily integrate with each other and from one situation to another.

To this end, the audio manufacturer has developed a new selection of products to provide system integrators and AV professionals with a complete conferencing audio solution.

The Shure Audio Ecosystem features the expanded range of award-winning products that include the complete audio signal chain from microphone to DSP to loudspeaker, offering the best possible networked audio solution for any environment – from small rooms to larger boardroom spaces and beyond – with unmatched ease of deployment, less complexity, and remote management.

The portfolio of products is designed to work seamlessly with each other and provide the market with a fast and efficient means to deploy premium audio, with Shure’s IntelliMix® audio signal processing in either device-based or software formats.

Shure’s conferencing audio ecosystem comprises:

  • Microphones: Ceiling array microphones, table array microphones, and linear array microphones
  • Loudspeaker: Networked ceiling loudspeakers
  • DSP: Audio conferencing processor and audio processing software
  • Software: System configuration software and remote management software
  • Accessories: Network mute button and audio network interfaces

In addition, Shure is collaborating with Logitech to deliver video collaboration solutions for meeting rooms of all sizes. The Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP) is a customer-focused program allowing customers to benefit from enhanced relationships with partners. Customers who purchase Shure’s Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphone, Table Array Microphone, IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor, along with select Logitech Video Collaboration products, can now access a solution that is optimised for groups to collaborate anytime.

Customers can select solutions from the companies that are scalable from medium to large rooms and take advantage of training rooms provided by Shure’s and Logitech’s global networks of Channel Partners to familiarise themselves with the systems. These solutions include the Logitech Rally Camera and Logitech Tap base solution for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms paired with Shure’s products.

Shure’s focus with this widened audio Ecosystem is to provide interoperable solutions that are easy to deploy and operate while delivering superior audio solutions to customers across the world regardless of room size.



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