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Out Loud: Microsoft Teams on the Frontline

This special episode of Out Loud is a group discussion with the experts from Modality Systems around Microsoft Teams

Out Loud: Microsoft Teams on the Frontline

Patrick and Rob Scott are joined by special guests from Modality Systems Pete Vasey who is Head of Pre-Sales, and Ian Guest who is Global Head of Marketing.

Pete first explains some of the main factors that affect organisations when considering Microsoft Teams. He also explains how there have been some misconceptions about what Teams actually does and that is a not a replacement platform for Skype for Business.

“We ask customers what they think Teams is, and it’s amazing how many times people come back and say it’s the replacement for Skype for Business”

The frustration within organisations surrounding commutation and collaboration platforms is huge. So being able to really leverage the full functionality of Teams is crucial to successful deployments.

Ian Guest then explains the main difference between Skype for Business and Teams and how it enables a different way of working.

“It’s more of a solution rather than a product – It’s a consultation about what do you want to change in your business”

Pete then expands on the requirements for partners in terms of implementation, understanding the full business strategy is critical to successful deployments. He explains how the general conversation trend with customers has shifted from that of a direct communication platform to more of a collaboration focused discussion which Teams can enable.

Finally Ian talks about the requirement for Modality Systems, but also for other partners, to relay to customers that to be successful a continuous evolution of technology platforms is required.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests Rob Scott, Ian Guest and Pete Vasey.

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