Symphony Predicts Collaboration Evolution in 2019

Symphony reveals its predictions for collaboration in 2019

Symphony Predicts Collaboration Evolution in 2019

Collaboration has been one of the most significant buzzwords of 2018.

As teams continue to grow more dispersed, remote working becomes more popular and businesses around the world search for better ways to keep their people connected, we’re sure to see continued focus on collaborative tools in 2019. That’s certainly what team collaboration platform Symphony believes.

Symphony offers a secure collaboration solution for businesses around the world. Currently, the company is responsible for supporting more than 375,000 users and 350 clients, including financial leaders like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and UBS. Symphony reached out to the team at UC Today to share their predictions for collaboration application market in 2019.

Chatbots Evolve and Security Concerns Continue

According to Symphony, in 2019, we’ll begin to see more intelligence within our collaboration platforms. Already, virtual assistants and chatbots have emerged as a dominant part of the communication and collaboration experience, helping team members to search for information faster, and deliver better customer service. In 2019, advances in the AI technology available to companies will continue to automate the repetitive processes that stop companies from achieving their true potential. The collaboration between bots and people in the year ahead will lead to better efficiency for all.

Symphony also believes that collaboration tools may become a target for hackers and other malicious individuals attempting to access business data. As with any trending technology, collaboration tools have captured the attention of hackers, who are beginning to explore how they can use the latest software to access valuable information. If companies don’t have the right end-to-end encryption in place, Symphony fears that a hack the size of the Yahoo! Mail breach could be on the cards.

Consolidation Continues

Consolidation is typical in a space evolving as rapidly as the collaboration environment. Companies across the globe are joining forces to improve their chances of delivering the solutions that their team members need. Symphony feels that this consolidation will continue in 2019, bringing three leaders to the forefront:

  • Slack – popular for startup environments, freelancers, and creative industries
  • Microsoft Teams – ideal for people already deeply embedded into the Microsoft and Office portfolios
  • Symphony – designed for companies that require the highest level of security in their digital workflow

As we move through 2019, Symphony believes that collaboration tools will continue to prove their value to the enterprise space. Many businesses are already beginning to discover just how risky it is to ignore the need for collaboration tools, as email and other sources of information sharing become increasingly outdated.

Symphony’s team believes that as collaboration tools continue to prove their ability to boost productivity and efficiency in the modern workplace, any company that hasn’t adopted a collaboration tool in 2019 may begin to suffer.

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