Team Collaboration – Technology Track August 2018

We take a look at Team Collaboration platforms and why you need them in your business

Team Collaboration – Technology Track August 2018
Technology Track - Team Collaboration

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Team Collaboration tools made it big last year but are going from strength to strength in 2018.

With new entrants to the market and many organisations either unaware of what Team Collaboration can offer their business or still not using it – at all or to its fullest extent – we felt it was time to revisit this popular area of Unified Communications.

Team Collaboration software was almost certainly kicked off by the introduction of Slack (did you know it’s an acronym?) – which stands for “Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge” which sums up the genre perfectly – keeping everything for a project or team in one place, and making it searchable/accessible to all team members – simple! If only choosing which of the many apps now on the market is ideal for YOUR business were as simple.

That’s where UC Today comes in; as ever this series of articles and information pieces will help you understand what can be done with Team Collaboration apps, what the different options are and other informative articles to help you decide.

Both Microsoft Teams and Slack now offer free versions of their appications, Cisco have dropped the Spark name and now operate under the name Cisco Webex Teams – there’s been lots of change in the market. We’ll be looking at Circuit from Unify, Rainbow from ALE, Zang from Avaya, Team One (also soon to be Cisco Webex Teams) from BroadSoft as well as others.

One of our most popular polls here at UC Today is the Team Collaboration Pollwith over 23,000 visits! This should give an indication of how popular these apps really are. And, as we have said before, there are new entrants and new cost models introduced since this poll closed…

Some of the articles we’re planning are:

  • Choosing the Best Team Collaboration solution
  • Comparing Free with Premium versions
  • Collaboration Formulas Uncovered
  • Getting users onboard with Team Collaboration
  • How are Team apps helping to drive Digital Transformation (DX) strategies?
  • Team Collaboration Security & Compliance considerations
  • Marketplace Analysis and Predictions
  • Will Team Collaboration kill the Inbox?

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Simple, clear, essential – the UC Today monthly Technology Track for August.


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