The Top 10 Microsoft Teams Stories of 2019

UC Today presents the 10 most popular Microsoft Teams Stories of 2019

The Top 10 Microsoft Teams Stories of 2019

In celebration of Microsoft Ignite taking place this week, UC Today presents the most popular stories about Microsoft Teams in 2019, from exclusive interviews at Silicon Valley to Microsoft breaking new records, to the most recent Teams updates.



UC Trends 2020 – GM of Microsoft Teams on Collaboration Market

This episode takes you inside Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Head Offices as we meet its General Manager, Lan Ye.  Watch at your desk, whilst on your commute, or on the sun lounger, UC Today provides bite size videos, bringing you all of the latest communication and collaboration news.

October 23 ,2019

Microsoft Has Yet Another Record-Breaking Year

According to Microsoft’s 2019 annual report – this year was another record-breaking year for the software development giant. They earned more than $125 billion in revenue, $43 billion in operating income, and maintained more than $50 billion in operating cash flow while shareholders saw more than $30 billion in returns.

October 31 ,2019

Microsoft Teams – Great New Features

The updates range from improvements in the calling experience, to intuitive new methods of filtering your chats. Here are just some of the latest announcements from Microsoft Teams over the month of September.

October 11 ,2019

Microsoft Kaizala vs. Microsoft Teams: The Difference?

The question is, with Microsoft Teams already offering features like instant chat, mobile applications, and even Shifts for Firstline workers, why do we need a Kaizala integration at all? Is this just Microsoft rolling out a handful of the same features and giving the tool a different name? Let’s try to get to the bottom of it.

June 18 ,2019

Microsoft Retire Skype for Business Online

Microsoft have confirmed the retirement date for Skype for Business Online as the 31st of July 2021. In a Microsoft Team’s blog the tech giant has announced that mainstream support will conclude in the summer of 2021.

July 30 ,2019

Microsoft Teams Reaches 13 Million Daily Users

Since it’s launch, Microsoft has been telling us just how successful Microsoft Teams is. However, for the first time, the company also revealed the daily active user numbers for the app.  Over 13 million people are now using Teams daily, and 19 million people use it every week.

July 15 ,2019

Is Microsoft Teams Killing Slack?

A trending video from Section4, an NSFW business media company that offers short-form podcasts and video insights, recently addressed the impact that Microsoft Teams is having on other collaboration solutions like Slack.

October 09 ,2019

Microsoft Teams is Coming to Linux

Microsoft has officially revealed that a Teams client for Linux is coming, and it will be here sooner than you’d think. Microsoft updated its UserVoice page to state that Linux users will soon be able to access one of the world’s favourite team collaboration tools on their preferred platform.

September 20 ,2019

Cisco vs. Microsoft – Which Team are you on?

With the concept of UC 3.0 in mind, let’s begin our comparison with one of the best-known players in the communication industry: Microsoft.

May 17 ,2019

Microsoft Teams Introduces Location-Based Routing

What is Location-Based Routing? In its simplest sense, Location-Based Routing helps you stay in-line with local/regional regulations by letting you restrict the routing of calls between VoIP endpoints and PSTN endpoints, as per location. Let’s now dig into the details of this useful addition

April 03 ,2019

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