Zinc Gives Deskless Workers Instant Access to Experts

Zinc launches their new Hotline Groups experience

Zinc Gives Deskless Workers Instant Access to Experts

Zinc, a company devoted to giving deskless workers the access they need to real-time knowledge and information, recently announced their new “Hotline Groups” solution. Zinc provides an all-mode communication platform that helps corporate teams to deliver alerts and share knowledge on-the-go. The new Hotline Groups system will give these deskless employees the support they need to quickly locate relevant expertise in their team, and successfully move a project forward.

Hotline Groups accelerates the process of finding the correct expert for a job, reducing the number of phone calls and emails that people need to send to solve a problem. Additionally, Hotline Groups is built into the All-Mode Communications platform by Zinc, for a complete end-to-end communication experience.

DISH Experiences Success with Hotline Groups

To demonstrate the potential of the Hotline Groups experience, Zinc recently published a case study with DISH, a company known for high-quality customer service and support. The business delivered the Zinc platform to their in-home service technicians, using Hotline Groups to enhance the troubleshooting process. DISH found that their field teams could subsequently solve issues faster, contribute to quicker results on-site, and improve experiences for employees on the field.

One particularly useful feature that DISH found was the dedicated Hotline Groups they could set up to help field workers troubleshoot with Master technicians offering around-the-clock support. Whenever someone reaches out to the Master Tech group with a question, the person best-suited to answer the request troubleshoots with the agent in a 1 on 1 conversation. When problem-solving, the employees can access all modes of communication, including video calls, image sharing, and messaging.

DISH also created a field resource coordinator hotline group. This allows technicians who finish a job early to speak to the FRC group and pick up another project immediately. This will enable technicians to get more done each day, without having to return to the office. Additionally, the FRC hotline group gives DISH a way to measure how long jobs typically take in the field.

The Senior Vice President of In-Home services for DISH, Nick Rosetti said that Hotline Groups and Zinc has given the company’s field teams more access to real-time communication and on-demand assistance so that they can provide truly excellent customer service.

Supporting Employees in The Field

According to the CEO of Zinc, Stacey Epstein, Hotline Groups is a significant development in the Zinc platform, intended to support the complicated experience that field workers manage every day. When every project comes with its own unique challenges, and you can’t reach out to someone else in the office for instance support, real-time and reliable communication is critical. Hotline Groups was designed in response to a widespread issue that countless deskless workers were facing across multiple industries. Now, field teams can have the knowledge they need at the touch of a button.

In their recent report “Effective Enterprise Communication: The Foundation of Strategic Field Service,” Zinc even discovered that real-time communication is “mission critical” (50%) or very important (40%) to their respondents.

Zinc also announced new updates to their Broadcast feature along with the Hotline Groups development. The new Broadcast option now allows companies to:

  • Schedule broadcasts for a later date
  • Add videos or images to broadcasts
  • Send broadcasts to groups based on specific user properties

These enhanced broadcast solutions will also provide additional support for the field teams that Zinc serves every day.


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