The Latest Version of VC Mobile by Yealink

Here comes the latest version of the collaboration application

The Latest Version of VC Mobile by Yealink

Yealink, one of the world’s leading providers in Unified Communications terminals, recently delighted its vendors and customers by announcing the latest version of the Yealink VC Mobile solution. VC Mobile is a powerful, feature-rich, and simple-to-use application for collaboration which is designed to deliver a dependable one-stop service for mobile and remote-workers who want to access incredibly quality video conferencing experiences on the go, using tablets or mobiles.

The Yealink VC Mobile application is designed to adapt automatically to the device that you’re using, which means that you can access an incredible experience wherever you, and whatever technology you choose. Already a popular option for companies with dispersed mobile workers, VC Mobile offers up to 8% packet loss resistance, and simple, adaptable connectivity.

Introducing the New Version of VC Mobile

VC Mobile by Yealink is an application intended to simplify the communication landscape for people in the new world of remote working and global communication. The newest system features a unique and intuitive user interface, alongside a range of upgraded features, including advanced solutions for network adaptability, a 1080p resolution, and advanced technology for packet loss recovery.

Yealink VC Mobile

Yealink VC Mobile

The new version of VC Mobile comes with everything that modern customers need to enjoy a more complete and reliable user experience, through collaboration with the Yealink VC Cloud Management Service, and the Yealink Meeting Server. Here are a few more details on the features you can expect from the update:

  • Richer Conference Features: Thanks to a smooth collaboration with Yealink VC Cloud Management Service, and the Yealink Meeting Service, the VC Mobile application can deliver a range of incredible functions, including the option to create a virtual meeting room with a single touch, one-touch conference access, automatic conference sync, and more
  • Incredible video algorithm: The Yealink VC Mobile solution offers an enhanced level of network adaptability thanks to an incredible video algorithm. The H.264 high-profile codec can save up to 50% of bandwidth, with an incredible level of video packet loss recovery tech. VC Mobile can manage a resistance of up to 30% video packet loss now, to ensure a more clear and reliable video communication environment
  • HD Video Quality: The latest version of the Yealink VC Mobile solution allows individuals to enjoy a full 1080p HD Video conferencing experience, complete with content sharing solutions from any environment
  • SIP/H.323 Dual-Protocol Options: Thanks to a solution based on the SIP/H.323 dual-protocol support, Yealink VC Mobile can offer greater compatibility with a range of soft-endpoints, video conferencing systems, IP Phones and more. No matter the manufacturer, you can enjoy excellent video quality with ease

You can find out more about the latest VC Mobile version at the Yealink website.


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