Pexip Ranks at No.1 in New NPS Survey

Pexip earns accolades for Net Promoter Score

Pexip Ranks at No.1 in New NPS Survey

Leading provider of flexible video conferencing solutions, Pexip, recently announced their number 1 position in a new Wainhouse Research report. The recent news is based on Net Promoter Score or NPS, and it analyses the overall sentiment towards 17 of the top enterprise video providers in the current marketplace.

The results, placing Pexip at the top, demonstrate the companies commitment to exceptional customer experience in the evolving industry. According to a senior analyst with Wainhouse Research, Steve Vonder Haar, the report focused on a specific apples-to-apples comparison between providers. Out of the conferencing solutions evaluated, Pexip delivered the best ratings from respondents.

The Importance of Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is a crucial metric in the age of customer experience. NPS asks customers how likely they would be to recommend a company to a friend or colleague. Respondents provide answers on a scale of 1-10, and an overall score is generated from there. Ultimately, the NPS shows how people feel about a specific brand in general, and how likely they are to advocate for them.

The CEO of Pexip, Odd Sverre Østlie, said that the organisation has always been committed to exceptional customer dedication. Alongside a disruptive and engaging product, Pexip aims to offer the market a solution that serves the evolving needs of the marketplace. Odd noted that Pexip looks forward to continuously serving easy and excellent collaboration tools to their clients going forward.

Where Did Pexip Stand Out?

In a blog post about the recent win, Pexip commented that they believe their success came from their simple approach to the meeting environment. Pexip thinks that technology in the conference space “should just work.” By designing an intuitive platform with the end-user in mind, Pexip maintains a strong level of customer satisfaction.

As well as getting the highest brand perception score overall, Pexip also received the best results among sub respondent groups:

  • With over 500 employees
  • In non-IT based roles
  • Under the age of 40
  • Who participate in weekly video conferences
  • With enterprise comms decision authority

What’s Next for Pexip?

Going forward, the Pexip team has plans to continue building on their accolades and Net Promoter Score. Recently, the company announced its successful merger with another leader in the enterprise collaboration market, Videxio. The new partnership will open new opportunities for both companies under the Pexip brand. Going forward, Pexip will be able to deliver collaboration and video-based communication solutions according to the needs of each customer. Whether you’re looking for self-hosted, on-premise, or cloud solutions, Pexip can help.

The survey into Brand Perception Ratings was conducted in 2018 by Wainhouse Research. The study covers an insight into the responses from over 2,000 end-users. If you want to find out more about the research and the companies that were mentioned in it, you can find the full report here.


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