Video Conferencing in 4K: Is the Logitech MeetUp Worth it?

An ins and outs on the next generation of 1080p video streaming

Video Conferencing in 4K: Is the Logitech MeetUp Worth it?

If any of you have ever been fortunate enough to have seen Sam Vokes smash one home for the Clarets in glorious 4K, you’ll know that the image quality is a force to be reckoned with – but do we really need it in day-to-day business?

Glorious as it may be to the eye, such luxuries very rarely come without a hefty price tag, leading one to question whether or not the ability to see every grain of detail on the face of a colleague or client is enough to justify such a huge investment of capital.

After all, unless the person on the other end has also made the same investment (which is unlikely for the majority of businesses), 4K streaming just seems a little pointless and (dare we say it?) overly self-indulgent.

Nevertheless, we always try to keep a clear mind when reviewing new products, and the Logitech MeetUp video conferencing solution will be no exception.

How does it look?

At 15inches wide, this huge sound bar would sit happily beneath TV/monitor or can be fixed to the wall with the included bracket depending on the preferences of the user. Nestled comfortable in the middle of the speaker grills lays the Logitec camera itself, complete with a 4K Ultra HD sensor and a 120-degree field of view to accurately capture all conference attendees.

Logitech MeetUp 120

Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam with 120-degree FOV & 4K optics

What can it do? 

Along with stunning 4K quality, the camera lens also features a motorised carrier that enables the users to pan, tilt and zoom in the device remotely for enhanced mobility and freedom to control conversation flow and communicate openly throughout each call.

In terms of sound quality, the MeetUp’s integrated audio is designed specifically to suit huddle room acoustics and it’s three beam-forming microphones and custom-tuned speaker ensures that exceptional audio will continue throughout the meeting.

As a true plug-and-play solution, MeetUp connects directly through a USB port and will work with any video conferencing software application and cloud service, meaning video collaboration can be set up within seconds of entering the room.

Highly compact in design and easily transportable, MeetUp can be carried from room to room and set up within seconds, making it the perfect solution for the rising number of businesses that prefer to collaborate in small huddle groups.

In addition to this, MeetUp also comes with a free mobile app (available on both GooglePlay and iTunes) that transforms the user’s smartphone into a remote control for ultimate convenience.

What do we like most?

Though it may sound like an obvious choice, the stunning 4K quality is by far the MeetUp’s most valuable feature and you really have to see it to believe how great the quality is.

Who is it for? 

As we mentioned previously, this device is built specifically for use in huddle groups and small conference room environments.

How much does it cost? 

Referring back to the beginning of the review, 4K is definitely not the right choice for any business that is conscious about how much it spends – and with a current retail price of £750 exc VAT, the MeetUp is definitely a stretch for most budgets.

UC Today Opinion

After much consideration, we can’t fault the MeetUp in terms of audio quality and the visuals really are a sight to behold. However, we stand by our initial viewpoint that 4K is undoubtedly a luxury rather than a necessity and, though things may change a few years down the line, we don’t feel the benefits outweigh the cost.

Have you had any experiences with the Logitech MeetUp that you wish to share? How do you feel about 4K video conferencing? Is the business world ready or should we wait for the cost to come down? If you would like to share any of your opinions, please feel free to submit your comments to the section below.

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AvatarHeath 10:08, 18 Aug 2018

Hi John.

While I tend to agree on your point of 4k being unnecessary at this time, particularly when all parties are often using only medium sized displays, and while I can see your rating is still pretty fair, but I am just keen on what other product you would recommend instead?
I actually have a meetup myself. So it’s good to share ideas with other owners.

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