3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat to Expand Market Reach

3CX enters the Multi-Channel market

3CX Acquires WP-Live Chat to Expand Market Reach

The current marketplace for unified communications and collaboration is evolving, driven in large part by a number of strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and consolidation. Today’s companies are beginning to recognise that if they want to offer their customers the widest selection of features and solutions possible, they need to be willing to work with other leading brands and pioneers.

One of the companies that have taken the initiative and begun to embrace this new era is 3CX. A developer of unified communications solutions that focuses entirely on the channel, 3CX offers open-standards IP PBX software that can replace the proprietary PBX. With integrated web conferencing through WebRTC, apps for a host of devices, and a full suite of collaboration features, 3CX already has a lot to offer. Now the company has announced its acquisition of WP-Live support, to take it’s proposition even further.

Entering the Multi-Channel Market

WP-Live Chat Support is a highly successful live chat plugin intended to support real-time website visitor conversations. The app is currently the most popular chat plugin available for the world-leading CMS, WordPress. WP-Live Chat has more than a million downloads so far, over 1,000 downloads per day, and a huge reputation in the online industry.

The decision by 3CX to purchase WP-Live Chat’s tech highlights the company’s growing focus in the omni-channel contact centre environment, after the release of the 3CX Live chat plugin, which integrates in the 3CX V16 offering.

WP-Live Chat was originally developed in 2015 by the Code Cabin group – a software development company in South Africa that builds online solutions for business development. 3CX was impressed by the company’s rate of growth and customer base and saw an opportunity to obtain a best-in-class technology solution while developing market share.

An Exciting Acquisition for 3CX

This new acquisition for 3CX represents an exciting opportunity for the brand. According to the Founder and CTO of the company, Nick Galea, the new acquisition allows the business to get a real foothold in the WP and contact centre market, as well as committing to the development of the tech. Galea said that 3CX sees a future in live chat, and this acquisition gives the company immediate market share going forward.

3CX intends to develop the WP-Live Chat Support solution even further, which will be available free of charge with all features as a standalone product. Unlike other offerings like 3CX Live Chat and Talk, WP-Live Chat won’t come with any option to video and audio call with website visitors, which means that users will need to install 3CX’s plugin to access this functionality.


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