Over 450 Skype for Business Deployments Achieved by Enghouse Interactive

The Microsoft Gold Partner leads the way in Skype for Business

Over 450 Skype for Business Deployments Achieved by Enghouse Interactive

A leading developer of holistic contact centre solutions, Enghouse Interactive, recently reported that it had successfully accomplished more than 450 deployments throughout contact centres, resulting in more than 10,000 active agents on Skype for Business (SfB) by Microsoft. Today, Enghouse offers a full omnichannel service for SfB, both in the cloud, and on-premises.

According to the President for Enghouse Interactive’s American branch, Ernie Wallerstein, Skype for Business is continuing to innovate the way organisations communicate, both internally and externally. The latest Skype for Business deployments simply reflect the growing demand for collaborative solutions in the workplace.

Enghouse Interactive and Skype for Business

Skype for BusinessEnghouse Interactive make use of native integration for Skype for Business, accessing Microsoft trusted conferences and APIs. The result is an end-user who can enjoy a unique combination of SfB configurations and Enghouse Interactive solutions. As Skype for Business delivers a new era of UC to the marketplace, Enghouse has emerged as a key member of the Microsoft Partner Network, working alongside the brand to provide organisations with the resources they need for a full SfB deployment.

This latest milestone in sales reinforces Enghouse Interactive’s position as the leader in Skype for Business contact centre partners while highlighting the company’s desire to offer solutions that provide added value to Microsoft’s core platforms of communication services. Alongside the contact centre, Enghouse Interactive recently delivered a TouchPoint Attendant Console for Skype for Business’s Cloud PBX. This console offers a stunningly graphical, and simple tool for operators and receptionists that natively integrates into Office 365 and Skype for Business online.

A Trusted Microsoft Partner

As a trusted partner for Microsoft, Enghouse Interactive focus on helping their customers make the most of their time. According to the Senior Product Marketing Manager, James Skay, the latest breakthrough is an exciting new achievement for Enghouse Interactive, on its path to unbeatable customer service.

Enghouse achieved its “Gold Application Development and Communications” recognition in 2015, which allowed it to place itself within the highest 1% of partners in Microsoft’s ecosystem. By attaining this outcome, Enghouse set itself apart as an expert in VoIP, video conferencing, and instant messaging.

According to the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales in Enghouse Interactive, David Crook, customers love the brand because of the level of choice and control it offers. In an industry that’s all about disruption and change, Enghouse Interactive are offering users with Microsoft Skype for Business the chance to enjoy peace of mind and stability.


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