85% Need to Give Better Customer Experience

New UserTesting study reveals demand for better CX

85% Need to Give Better Customer Experience

UserTesting, a leading group dedicated to the delivery of on-demand human insights, have revealed some worrying news in their most recent customer experience report. The sixth annual customer experience industry report, updated for 2019, found that 85% of respondents feel that their business customer experience strategy needs to be improved. According to UserTesting, there’s never been a greater need for businesses to deliver the experiences that their clients need.

In the updated Customer Experience Industry report, UserTesting revealed three trends driving the changes in customer experience. The study gathered information by asking over 1,600 professionals across multiple industries questions about customer experience and CX research.

The Struggle for Digital Transformation

Though the digital transformation conversation has been ongoing for some time now, businesses are still struggling to come out on top. Transformation is a slow experience, and the recent report showed that 40% of businesses said that they had never heard of digital transformation.

Only 20% reported successful changes in their organisation, and most others felt that their progress was still underway. According to McKinsey, around 70% of digital transformations never reach their targets.

Staying Focused on Customer Trends

Another challenge that the UserTesting survey revealed was an inability for companies to understand which technologies and innovations were crucial to their business. Survey respondents were asked to rank the trends with the biggest impact on customer experience today. However, people focused more on the ideas that were making the news, like AI, and VR, than the things that make a difference today.

While disruptive technology has a part to play in the future of CX, UserTesting believes that there’s a need to focus on what’s needed right now, such as mobile and tablet support. Human insight and customer research will be necessary for companies to make informed decisions about their tech strategies.

Scaling Customer Research

Michael Mace

Michael Mace

Of course, to make valuable decisions about customer experiences, businesses also need to know as much as they can about their consumers. Unfortunately, traditional methods of research are often too slow to support today’s agile environments. 66% of designers said that their projects had no research assistance. What’s more, 70% of CX researchers wished that different teams across the organisation could conduct their own research.

Over 85% of the C-level executives in the survey said that they wanted teams to conduct user research. According to UserTesting, there needs to be a scaled approach to research that gets everyone in the organisation involved. Staying up-to-date with the latest customer expectations is an ongoing challenge for businesses today. This means that companies need to find new ways to bring customer insights into their company culture. The VP of Market Strategy at UserTesting, Michael Mace, said that the latest report shows a need to empower every team in the organisation with tools for better insight.



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