ABBYY Introduces Mobile Capture SDK for CX

Improving CX with mobile

ABBYY Introduces Mobile Capture SDK for CX

ABBY, a global leader in the delivery of Content IQ solutions, recently introduced their new ABBY Mobile Capture solution – a Software Development Kit intended to enable end-to-end mobile experiences where user data can be instantly captured and stored. ABBYY already offers a wide range of AI-based solutions and technologies to transform business documentation and content. Now, the Mobile Capture solution allows information to be captured via the camera, used within an app, and extracted to back-end processes.

The artificial intelligence SDK allows mobile users to avoid the complexity and time-consuming aspects of manual data entry, which also supports better customer growth and retention for businesses. Additionally, the mobile solution also delivers a frictionless user experience for registration, sign-up, document input and RPA strategies too.

The Growth of Mobile Communications

The number of people who prefer accessing mobile over other forms of communication is growing rapidly through the generations. Businesses today understand that they need to meet their customers where they are and engage with them in a personalised manner. Delivering this high-level of customised experience helps to determine the survival of growing companies in a competitive market.

However, when it comes to areas like logistics, insurance, banking, and even healthcare, many mobile users will still need to face lengthy registration processes and manual data entry tasks. This is not only an error-prone concept; it’s also very time-consuming. According to a study recently commissioned by ABBYY, it’s also a highly disliked activity.

From a business perspective, an inability to automate data input slows down transactions creates unreliable onboarding processes and leads to poor customer experiences too. ABBYY Mobile Capture helps to address these pain points providing a barrier-free and more enjoyable experience for users of mobile solutions in a range of verticals.

ABBYY’s Mobile Capture SDK

Bruce Orcutt

Bruce Orcutt

Available across the insurance, financial services, logistics, and transportation environments, among others, the ABBYY SDK has a lot of benefits to offer. It dramatically increases customer retention and onboarding rates speeds transactions and improves customer loyalty too. According to the SVP of Product Marketing at ABBY, Bruce Orcutt, AI automation is still not being used to its full advantage by businesses. This creates opportunities for early adopters of new generation mobile technology solutions like ABBYY.

The SDK is set to benefit both end-users and organisations by making mobile interfaces easier to use, and more intuitive. It’s also designed for the workforce of tomorrow, driven by a culture of convenience, and demand for mobile.

With Mobile Capture, users can enter all the necessary information into an app just by taking a picture of a document or text. The solution combines ABBYY intuitive mobile technologies with artificial intelligence and works with 63 different languages. Out-of-the-box, the SDK can recognise over 160 types of data and IDs. Currently, ABBYY Mobile Capture is available for integration into existing and new applications for Android and iOS.


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