About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive develops and supplies the widest range of customer contact solutions on the market.

Enghouse Interactive
About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive is a company that is responsible for supplying, and developing the largest range of solutions for customer connections on the market today. Their extensive network of reseller partners ensure that they can assist thousands of companies in a range of industries and sizes, when it comes to improving productivity, customer service, and efficiency.

Enghouse Interactive boast over twenty-five years of experience building solutions designed to impress their partners and clients, allowing organisations to leverage the most out of contact centre solutions, while adding additional functionality and growth solutions. The underlying ethos of Enghouse Interactive encourages the business to provide clients with the solutions that they need to respond to customers quickly, and efficiently.

A History of Growth

Enghouse Interactive is one of the subsidiaries of Enghouse Systems Limited. Enghouse Systems Limited is a services and software company listed as “ENGH” on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and it was first founded in 1984. The Enghouse Systems Limited organisation is based in Canada, and serves several distinct markets through a range of three divisions, including Enghouse Interactive, Enghouse Networks, and Enghouse Transportation. Enghouse Interactive is the segment that specialises entirely on communication software, and solutions designed to increase business efficiency, enhance person to person communication, and improve customer service.

Since it started trading more than three decades ago, Enghouse Systems has emerged as a consistently profitable and evolving company – growing through the acquisition of incredible specialists, such as CosmoCom, Zeacom, Voxtron, Telrex, Syntellect, and more.

The corporate group has a market capitalisation of more than $1 billion US, and works with a global network of partners, supported through 16 international operations. At present, Enghouse Interactive support more than 1 million agent seats, handling more than a billion interactions through Enghouse systems every day. In other words, Enghouse Interactive is undoubtedly one of the biggest providers of solutions for customer contact in the world.

The Enghouse Interactive Product Portfolio

From customised services implemented through specialist operators, to multi-site and multi-channel centres of contact, Enghouse Interactive have the products, partners, and deployment solutions to discover the perfect strategy for almost any communication requirements. The Enghouse Interactive product portfolio ranges from single-site call consoles, to huge multi-media contact centres that can manage as many as 10,000 users. Enghouse Interactive also support a range of deployment options, from private, to premise-based, community cloud, and hybrid strategies.

Just some of the things featured in the Enghouse Interactive solution for client and customer communication include:

  • Interactive Voice Response and Self Service Solutions: The user-friendly graphical interface allows companies to develop and maintain their own call-flows, while customers have the option to exit their queue at any time to access a live agent.
  • Quality Management and Call Recording: The Enghouse Interactive integrated quality management solutions provide secure IP call recording, application and desktop recording, and evaluation software.
  • Operator Consoles: Designed for superior call handling, the Enghouse Interactive operator consoles combine rich information with exceptional call handling features.
  • Omni-Channel Contact Centres: For larger businesses, the omni-channel contact centre options provide an integrated solution for managing a range of interactions across a multitude of channels, including social, phone, email, IM, and video.
  • Speech Analytics: With Enghouse Interactive, companies can provide a multi-lingual and customisable software solution for comprehensive business communication. Quality assurance is also provided with call monitoring.
  • Predictive Dialling: Businesses can double their productivity by providing agents with frequent live calls thanks to an intelligent algorithm that begins new calls when an agent is in a conversation, then connects the new call whenever someone becomes available.
  • Optimisation and Integration: Enghouse Interactive permits companies to deploy and integrate dynamic solutions for communications including ERP & CRM screen-pop, CRM-directed routing, and real-time productivity metrics.

Modern Credibility

For years now, Enghouse Interactive have been making a name for themselves in the communication industry, thanks to their dedication to move away from the brick-and-mortar contact centre of the past. At their heart, Enghouse Interactive focus on developing a more mobile, cloud-based and virtual approach to customer contact management, and their Cloud Contact Centre solution was the first cloud-based option on the market. Thanks to its simplicity, flexibility, and speed, the Cloud Contact Centre is now the most popular provider of cloud-based contact platforms in high-quality telecommunication companies across the globe.

If that wasn’t enough, the Enghouse Interactive solutions are incredibly scalable, from small solutions for tiny start-ups, to huge multi-media contact centres that provide fantastic functionality for more than 10,000 users at a time.

Today, Enghouse Interactive is regularly recognised across the world for a range of outstanding achievements, including the Communications Solutions Product of the Year, IP Contact Centre Pioneer Award, Speech Technology Excellence Award, Frost and Sullivan Customer Value Enhancement award, and more.


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