GCI – Achieving Omnichannel in the Cloud with Enghouse’s CCSP Platform

GCI delivers next-level contact centre solutions with CCSP

GCI – Achieving Omnichannel in the Cloud with Enghouse’s CCSP Platform

As one of today’s leading Converged ICT service providers, GCI is constantly looking for new ways to deliver next-level service to their customers. Recently, the company, a gold partner of the Enghouse Interactive contact centre software and service business, announced that they would be implementing the brand’s CCSP solution. The Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre Service Provider service has allowed GCI to emerge as one of the UK’s first providers to integrate an omnichannel call centre solution with Microsoft Skype for Business.

With an extended partnership with Enghouse Interactive, GCI is now offering a fully cloud-based unified communications platform, capable of enhancing the everyday contact centre experience for end-users. Already, GCI has won a significant contract with the charity “Shelter” because of its collaboration with Enghouse.

The Next Step in Digital Communications

Andrew Leatherland

Contact Centre Product Manager for GCI, Andrew Leatherland

Referencing the integration, Contact Centre Product Manager for GCI, Andrew Leatherland noted that the step was a logical one for the brand’s communication strategy. A year and a half ago, the company introduced the Enghouse Interactive Communications Center to their portfolio, which helped to differentiate their offering and ensure that they could deliver a cloud-focused approach. Now they’re taking that offering to the next level with a contact centre as a service.

CCSP not only integrates seamlessly with Skype for Business, but it also works alongside countless PBXs, unified communications platforms, and IP-based communications systems. With CCSP, GCI believes that they can help companies to migrate more easily from their existing contact centre solutions into the cloud.

Additionally, Leatherland noted that CCSP is the perfect solution for delivering the omnichannel service that GCI has been looking to achieve. The light front-end allows the brand to develop a large data centre solution with mission-critical systems which can be sold to partners and clients alike.

Integrating CCSP into the GCI Portfolio

The focus for GCI today is on finding new ways to integrate CCSP into the other products in the brand portfolio. The company has already added the system to their PCI payment platform, and they’re also looking to integrate the Enghouse Interactive Communications portal into the mix too.

As increasing numbers of organisations take advantage of the cloud-first approach to data and communications, GCI believes that adding CCSP to their offering will help them to target a broader blend of potential customers. Leatherland also suggested that the addition of CCSP into the GCI solutions network helps to highlight the power of the partnership between GCI and Enghouse Interactive.

Growing to Meet Market Needs

Like many other organisations in the UC space today, GCI is moving through its own experience of digital transformation. According to the VP of Sales for Enghouse Interactive, Gary Bennett, CCSP will help GCI to meet a growing need in the market for contact centre services that reduce the cost of ownership, deliver greater scalability and provide reliability through reduced downtime.

Enghouse believes that GCI’s adoption of their service is a great insight into the strengthening nature of the partnership between the two brands. Enghouse noted that GCI is one of the biggest Skype for Business solutions providers in the world today and adding CCSP to their offering will help them to reach all-new market opportunities in an ever-changing environment.


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