AI in The Contact Centre: 5 Ways Bots Can Boost Business Performance

Will YOUR contact centre join the Robo Revolution?

AI in The Contact Centre: 5 Ways Bots Can Boost Business Performance

It’s hard to ignore the impact that artificial intelligence and other disruptive technologies are having on the contact centre. In the quest to support an ever-more-demanding customer base, today’s contact centres are being forced to embrace newer, more complex solutions for end-to-end client support. Already, AI has helped us to develop chatbots to supplement the omnichannel contact centre experience and speech analytics that assist agents in understanding the sentiment behind conversations.

While some brands remain concerned about the rise of artificial intelligence – fearing that bots will eventually mean the end of service agent jobs, most experts agree that the robot revolution might not be a bad thing. In fact, artificial intelligence could be just the thing that today’s contact centre needs to serve their unpredictable audience.

Here are just some of the ways bots could boost your business performance.

1.     Replacing the Old-Fashioned IVR

Let’s face it, the traditional IVR is outdated and frustrating. These systems run on a simple and straightforward set of rules that follow a pre-determined path. This means that it can be hard for your customers to get the support they need if their answers don’t suit your script. On the other hand, AI comes with in-depth ML solutions like natural language processing, which means that your systems can understand statements, rather than just giving your customers a series of choices.

The implementation of AI virtual assistants and chatbots in the omnichannel contact centre eliminates the often-annoying “press one for…” experience of the IVR.

2.     Capturing Actionable Data

Big data and AI go together perfectly. In a world where contact centres are gathering more useful customer information than ever before, AI tools give businesses a way to collect and transform that data into actionable insights for the call centre.

When you’ve got the right data available, you can then use additional AI tools like sentiment analysis to determine where conversations are going wrong, where you might be losing conversions, and more.

3.     Predicting Customer Behaviour

Today, artificial intelligence tools don’t just allow companies to understand customer behaviour but predict it too. With the huge amounts of information your AI systems gather, they can begin to establish patterns that make it easier to determine how your clients will respond in certain situations.

Providing this level of customer insight to call centre managers could help them to handle the emerging needs and expectations of their customers more effectively, reducing churn and improving cash flow. Predicting customer behaviour can also make it easier for managers and supervisors to create training strategies for call centre agents too.

4.     Supporting Self Service

Self ServiceMore than 50% of your customers feel that it’s important to try and solve a problem by themselves before they seek out the support of a service agent. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to do this without the right technology. One of the main areas that AI will appear in the contact centre in coming weeks will be through self-service chatbots.

Of course, for chatbots to be truly useful, they need access to sophisticated machine learning strategies and linguistic processing capabilities. Contact centres will need to make sure that they’re not cutting corners when training their chatbots.

5.     Streamlining Customer Service

Finally, when you’re receiving calls in a contact centre, your AI tools can help to identify the nature of each call, so that it can be passed to the most relevant channel, agent, or service. AI can also provide contact centre advisers with essential background information on the customer before they ever pick up the phone, so that calls can be closed more quickly and effectively.

While bots in the contact centre will certainly be something new for today’s companies to get used to, they could help to improve the communication experience for everyone involved.


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