Akixi: Omni-channel is Key to Flourishing

Only 39 percent of enterprise leaders believe in implementing omni-channel comms

Akixi: Omni-channel is Key to Flourishing

According to Pew Research, Millennials make up a majority of the workforce, and they prefer text messaging, social media, as well as online videos over phone calls for business communications. Another recent study by Canam Research found that 39 percent of enterprise executives believe they should shift their focus to omni-channel comms to make contacting support simpler for customers.

The report highlights a significant shift in customer behavior that is important to pay attention to. Any business that doesn’t believe omni-channel is the key to success needs to rethink, but, don’t take it from me. Colin Gill, Product Manager at Akixi, told UC Today:

“Any business that wants to do well today, has to adopt an omni-channel comms strategy, which is designed to give customers efficient ways to contact support”

As more enterprises migrate contact centers to the Cloud, they may find it difficult to adjust to the change. This could have to do with the fact that they’ve grown accustomed to on-premises solutions that work differently than Cloud comms platforms.

With the further complication of customers now wanting to reach businesses on varying forms of media, enterprises face a dilemma. Leaders have to keep up with all the new channels customers want to use for support while aiming to implement the technology that makes the process more consistent and pleasant.

To expand on the level of complication enterprises face, Gill said with the introduction of email, webchat, social media, and mobile apps like WhatsApp as well as applications such as Teams and Skype – there are now endless ways for customers to reach support.

A Changing Business Landscape

Diversity in the communications channels customers prefer and a rise in customer expectations have both forced enterprises into a corner, to adapt an omni-channel experience or not? According to Gartner, only 40 percent of enterprises have migrated to the Cloud, meaning 60 percent of enterprise leaders have yet to realize their company’s fullest potential. The good news is, for those who embrace Cloud technology early, the omni-channel enabler has plenty of benefits:

“Most companies do omni-channel to some extent, which can lead to increased profit, reduced costs, and improved CX”

Colin Gill

Colin Gill

A major reason why enterprises receive poor CX feedback could be because they refuse to modernize, Gill shared. Be it change in the form of new Cloud-based UC systems, a lack of understanding of the technology, or they think internet telephony is unstable – some still manage to dismiss omni-channel. Gill said, “the reality is, the internet is more stable than we give it credit for and is more powerful than most traditional phone lines.”

He also gave UC Today readers a valuable piece of guidance about the use of AI in omni-channel business comms. Gill added, “All the technology in the world is great, but if you want to provide excellent CX, you still need bums on seats.”

Does your business have an omni-channel comms strategy? How well is it working? Do you have data to suggest your strategy is successful? These are the kinds of questions that should put you on the right track to enhancing CX.


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