Akixi Review: Hosted Analytics for Businesses Great and Small

Exploring the Akixi portfolio

Akixi Review: Hosted Analytics for Businesses Great and Small

An award-winning call analytics and call management company providing comprehensive call centre software, Akixi are experts in offering end-to-end services for companies of all shapes and sizes. The features on their products range all the way from call logging, to scheduling, and real-time alerts.

One of the things that really sets Akixi apart as a hosted analytics provider is the fact that it’s designed to scale to just about any shape or size of company. In fact, the organisation has already proven itself as a reputable partner for more than 2,500 active clients around the world. Today, we’ll be looking at the broad range of unique services that Akixi has to offer.

Choose the Service Strategy that Suits You

At its core, Akixi offers reporting and call management services that are based on the cloud – that means you don’t have any pesky software to download and install. However, unlike many analytics solutions, this brand doesn’t ask you to adhere to a one-size-fits-all management method. Instead, you can choose from three different services levels to find the one that’s best equipped to serve your business. We’ve got:

Akixi Lite

The “basic” call logging software, Akixi Lite offers companies historical cradle to grave reporting solutions, with historical call logging and reporting, complete visibility, trend analysis by time frame, and scheduled reporting. You can track call performance by intervals like every half an hour, every day, week, or month. Essentially, it’s the ultimate introduction to the call reporting journey. You can also view metrics and statistics like:

  • Time per call
  • Abandoned calls
  • Number of calls

Akixi 1000

Taking things up a notch, there’s also Akixi 1000, the call tracking software designed for those who need a little more insight into their call management system. This advanced solution comes with access to both real-time and historical call tracking metrics, alongside comprehensive reporting functionality that allows you to analyse every aspect of your conversations with suppliers, staff, and customers. Akixi 1000 comes with scheduled reporting, abandoned call recovery, call control, and much more. Features include:

  • Alarms for key performance metrics
  • Access to the 1000 wallboard
  • Extension activity monitoring
  • Cradle-to-grave visibility
  • Extension BLF view

Build an accurate picture of how your contact centres are performing, monitor key metrics, and put insightful strategies in place to improve your customer service solution.

Akixi 2000

For those who demand nothing less than the best from their call analytics and reporting software, there’s Akixi 2000. This is the most advanced tracking service offered by Akixi, which allows supervisors to manage call centre operations at a granular level for better efficiency and productivity. Akixi’s call centre management reports give you the more complete insights you need to constantly offer the best service on the market, with views of everything from calls answers, to missed calls and calls in queue. Features include:

  • ACD statistics
  • Status analytics for “Do Not Disturb” and “Agent not Available “
  • Access to the 2000 wallboard
  • Performance metrics alarms
  • Real-time and scheduled reporting

Upgrading Your Insights with Akixi Wallboard

As an advanced cloud-based service, Akixi offers companies the flexibility and scalability they need from a cradle-to-grave reporting and analytics service. However, aside from three different service options to choose from, customers of the Akixi platform can also enjoy a new way to visualise their data with the Akixi “wallboard” software. The wallboard features

  • Historical and real-time reporting
  • Alarms
  • Scheduling
  • Mobile or desktop display

Akixi’s dynamic wallboard system is available for both Akixi 1000 and 2000 users. Essentially, it’s an extensively-customisable overview of everything that’s happening in your call centre. The wallboard provides you with a real-time dashboard through which to view your call statistics in easy-to-understand visual formats. Every statistic can come with its own unique alarm, and the wallboard is compatible with Panasonic, Siemens, and BroadSoft telephony too!

The Akixi Mobile wallboard app also comes as a free-of-charge addition to the call tracking experience, available on your smartophone or tablet via Android and iOS. It gives users of the Akixi 1000 and 2000 system the chance to view their wallboard on their tablet or smartphone wherever they are – perfect for the employee or admin on the go.

What We Love about the Akixi Portfolio

Akixi’s cloud-based call tracking software is easy to use and deploy. There’s no need to purchase any new hardware, and the software you get ensures that you have everything you need to enhance your call centre performance. Some of the features we like most include:

  • Flexible end-to-end reporting: Akixi offers a broad range of cradle to grave reporting services no matter what size your business may be. Whether you’re a small startup logging calls or a corporation with thousands of employees, Akixi can help you simplify your tracking and reporting experience
  • Premium call-logging: As an analytics and call logging system, Akixi has everything the modern company could need to give them insightful overviews on how their organisation is performing. Comprehensive call logging helps to boost compliance, while you can check out all the analytics you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of each customer interaction
  • Customisable wallboards: The desktop wallboard offered by Akixi is incredibly versatile. You can essentially engineer it to give you the exact overview your business needs. Either keep your analytics simple or get an in-depth view of everything from the number of the calls you’re taking, to the agents available and even the potential revenue of your queue
  • Call-recording plugin: Akixi really does have something for everyone. The brand recently partnered with Dubber to offer customers a “Call Recording Plug-in” feature which allows you to add analytics and recording to you Akixi system. The Dubber strategy is available from a cloud-based platform, which means that it’s ideal for Akixi’s already highly-scalable service
  • The Mobile Wallboard App: The Akixi Wallboard app is available free-of-charge on both iOS and Android. It gives Akixi 1000 and Akixi 2000 users the ability to view Desktop Wallboards on a smartphone or tablet wherever they are

Simplifying Cloud-Based Call Management

No matter what kind of business you run, Akixi’s hosted call management services can give you a host of ways to empower your team and grow your company. With quick and easy to deploy technology, you can ensure that you have the innovations you need to grow at the rapid pace of the current market, taking full advantage of the flexibility of the cloud.

As a system that offers bespoke call management and call centre solutions to businesses of any size, Akixi simplifies the process of accessing valuable data and metrics, so that any organisation can boost their performance and streamline customer service.

Editor’s note: This article was first published 9th June 2017 and has been updated to reflect the latest Akixi analytics software available.

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