AMC’s Contact Center Solution for Today’s Non-Profits

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AMC’s Contact Center Solution for Today’s Non-Profits

AMC Technology, leading provider of Contact Center integration solutions, has always supported non-profits through their “Helping Hands” initiative and continues to be inspired by the work non-profit organisations do to change the world. They understand the many challenges charitable organisations face when it comes to getting the support and tools they need to run an efficient Contact Center. AMC’s Helping Hands program makes it easier for these groups to enjoy the efficiency and productivity Contact Center software solutions provide. With their DaVinci Platform multi-channel integration has also been simplified.

AMC’s Helping Hands provides registered non-profits their first 10 DaVinci platform licenses at no cost. Additional licenses and professional services are also available at a 65% discount. This enables non-profits to save the dollars that they earn from donors for more crucial projects.

Already, AMC has provided a multitude of licenses under this program to non-profits like the Canadian Blood Services group, the American Red Cross, and the American University Cairo.

Pledge 1% Participation

AMC Technology is also part of Pledge 1%, a global movement that encourages and empowers companies of all sizes and stages to donate 1% of their staff time, product, profit, and/or equity to non-profit organisations.

According to the CTO and Founder of AMC Technology, Anthony Uliano, the company is thoroughly committed to helping non-profits. Through the years, the business has offered a range of discounted and free licensing programs for charitable groups. Now, AMC Technology is proud to be part of Pledge 1% too.

Anthony Uliano

Anthony Uliano

The decision to sign up with Pledge 1% formalises AMC Technology’s commitment to delivering support to non-profit organisations.

According to Uliano, non-profit groups will be able to access their free licenses to integrate their outbound and inbound contact centre solutions and outreach campaigns, using Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP C4C, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Zendesk. Additionally, there will be more integrations added in the future.

Pledge 1% Chief Executive, Amy Lesnick, noted that giving something back is the smart thing to do for companies that can leverage their assets to make a resounding impact. Pledge 1% commitment means that founders can genuinely support the evolution of non-profit groups.



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