Akixi Talk Contact Centres & Getting Ahead with the Cloud & the Channel

Akixi share their thoughts on winning in a cloud-focused world

Akixi Talk Contact Centres & Getting Ahead with the Cloud & the Channel

Akixi is an award-winning company known for its advanced call centre analytics, Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and call management solutions in the cloud. Like many other organisations in this digitally-transforming world, Akixi has built itself from the ground-up to be a cloud-focused organisation, ready for the agile contact centre of the future.

We spoke to Bart Delgado, the MD at Akixi, for a chat about what the move to the cloud means for the communication industry, and how vendors can support their partners in the quest for value-added offerings.

How Do You Feel the Market Has Changed?

In recent years, the communications market has evolved dramatically. There’s been a great deal of consolidation between companies looking for ways to get ahead of the competition with newly combined offerings of communication, and collaboration. I asked Bart how he feels the space has evolved, particularly when it comes to the contact centre.

“We’ve got a huge swing right now from CapEX to OpEX coming in. Companies that previously dominated in the PBX world are struggling to make the move from a legacy PBX system into a true cloud offering.”

As Bart put it, people are changing, and migrating away from a PBX into a hosted environment. Companies like Akixi which are focused on the ever-scalable space of the cloud are the ones that are thriving in this agile market.

Is Being Cloud-Born Important for Akixi?

I asked Bart how he feels Akixi got ahead of the CapEX to OpEX problem, and he told me “We cheated”. In simple terms, Akixi’s owners sold their old business to ensure they had no baggage or legacy from the old world to bring with them.

“From inception, we were built  to be cloud. Not just in our technology either – our commercial model is cloud-based too. I think our evolution would have been very different if we had been forced to hold onto all our baggage from a legacy environment.”

“It’s very difficult to make the switch from a huge “payment up front” solution, into a subscription model where people can actively choose not to do business with you from one month to the next.”

How Has the Cloud Environment Changed things for The Reseller?

A demand for flexible, multi-tenanted instances has helped to prompt the rise of software as a service and hosted telephony solutions. Today’s customers want to be able to scale up and scale down without worrying about replacing years of legacy hardware and locally installed software.

Of course, one of the more interesting parts of the Cloud model is the fact that it’s changed the way that resellers behave in the marketplace. In the past, resellers needed to be trained thoroughly to go out and install systems on the client end. Now, the hosted environment is de-skilling the channel partner. To Bart, this is a positive thing:

“The fact that channel partners don’t necessarily need to have the large and costly technical resources that they used to, means that they can focus instead on selling and marketing the product, and providing the customer with a fantastic customer experience

For Akixi, and many cloud companies like them, the drive towards an OpEX model has huge potential – even if it means that legacy organisations need to change fast, or risk becoming extinct.


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