AMC Technology Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Review

What can you Achieve with AMC and Microsoft Dynamics?

AMC Technology Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration Review

How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

In a world where customer experience is key, you can’t afford to take risks with your Customer Relationship Management system. That’s why brands like AMC Technology are offering a simpler solution to help you boost the potential of your CRM Integrations.

Since they began in 1995, AMC Technology has been transforming the market with increased options for agent efficiency and personalisation. AMC powers customer interactions and contact centres around the world through the certified “Contact Canvas” platform, which now offers integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Here, we’re going to take a look at what you can expect to get out of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with AMC Technology.

The Benefits of Contact Canvas for Microsoft Dynamics

As powerful as the right CRM system can be – they all come with their limitations. Whether it’s too many applications for users to juggle at once, too much downtime for agents to worry about, or too many products that don’t work cohesively together. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with AMC Contact Canvas offers companies an integration channel to bring various communication strategies together within their CRM.

The Contact Canvas connects channels from Cisco, Avaya, Skype for Business and Aspect, so that you can enjoy a more unified experience within your CRM system, whether it’s SAP, Salesforce, Oracle Service cloud, or now Microsoft Dynamics too!

The Contact Canvas service for Microsoft Dynamics gives agents access to all the customer information they need automatically. This ensures that your service agents can engage in contextual, effective interactions.

Computer Telephony Integration for Microsoft Dynamics Users

As part of the Contact Canvas experience, AMC Technology gives Microsoft Dynamics users the chance to access CTI technology, or “Computer Telephony Integration.” This means that you can integrate your telephony system instantly with your CRM, to access better insights, greater context, and improved ROI. The CTI system from AMC Technology:

  • Improves agent efficiency with:
  • Click to dial settings
  • Multi-channel features
  • Call control
  • Agent work modes
  • Campaign Dialing
  • Outbound calls
  • Improves customer experience with:
  • Intelligent routing to the right agent at the right time
  • Contextual information for agents
  • Omni/Multi-channel configuration
  • Enhances reporting and administration with:
  • Not ready reason codes
  • Hot seating
  • Logout reason codes
  • Mobile agents
  • Configurable button enablement
  • Analytics

Features of AMC Microsoft Dynamics Integration

AMC Technology benefits from a long-standing relationship with Microsoft – one that goes back over 11 years now. This means that an integration with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes perfect sense for this company. With Contact Canvas, Microsoft Dynamics users can enjoy a dynamic communication environment, even if they use multiple CRM and communication platforms at once. You can also deploy your system across the entire enterprise, to support knowledge workers and call centre agents alike.

The AMC Microsoft Dynamics integration includes:

  • Support for Microsoft Unified Service Desk
  • Support for omnichannel
  • Single sign-on support
  • Basic call controls
  • Click to dial automatic number identification
  • Agent work mode support
  • Support for remote agents, hot seating, and knowledge works
  • Agent palette for customisations
  • Support for call history reporting and statistic reporting

And a lot more too.

What We Love about Contact Canvas

As the customer service landscape continues to change, and consumers demand more from the businesses they engage with, it’s more crucial than ever for today’s brands to provide an exceptional customer experience. AMC’s Contact Canvas provides companies with a smart solution for communication channel routing, which embraces all of the different ways consumers reach out to a Microsoft Dynamics contact centre: Features we love include:

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure: CTI technology means that you can enjoy full integration with your CRM system from your existing telephony – so you don’t have to worry about making new investments
  • Multi/Omnichannel support: Contact Canvas offers the same level of support for even the most complex consumer management environments. Whether you have a single CRM or a range of communication platforms, you can still deploy Contact Canvas across your entire enterprise
  • Actionable reporting: Find out what’s working with your CRM system and telephony solutions through actionable reporting. This will help you to make stronger decisions about your customer experience strategies
  • Dialler functionality in your CRM system: Adding dialer functionality to the CRM system helps to reduce the amount of idle time your agents suffer from while ensuring that you can provide a personalised customer experience. Contact Canvas offers support for Preview, Progressive, and Predictive dialing, so that you can focus on the numbers in your contact centre, without losing the human touch with your clients
  • Contextual conversations with customers: Through blended agent call centre routing and enhanced communication solutions, the Contact Canvas integration with Microsoft Dynamics can ensure that you always have the information you need to answer customer queries quickly and respond to client needs

Finishing Thoughts on AMC Technology Microsoft Dynamics Integration

If you’re looking to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with a full omnichannel experience for customer care and experience, then AMC Technology and the Contact Canvas could be just the tool you’ve been looking for. Bringing together all aspects of chat, social, telephony, lead cases, text, and email ensures that you have complete access to a range of consumer data.

The Microsoft Dynamics Contact Canvas makes sure that your agents have all the valuable consumer information they need to make interactions more personable and effective. AMC Technology will be showing their service off in more detail at Microsoft’s CRMUG Summit on October the 15th to October the 18th in Phoenix this year for people who want to find out more about the integration.

Have you taken advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration with AMC Technology yet? What do you think of the Contact Canvas? Let us know in the comments below.


4.6 out of 5

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