Audio Productions: GDPR Statements Crucial

Developing trust in call recordings

Audio Productions: GDPR Statements Crucial

For a long time before the GDPR deadline hit on the 25th of May 2018, it seemed like no-one could talk about anything but compliance. People were panicking about privacy in virtually every environment. For companies that needed to record their calls, there was the constant pressure of trying to find the right solution for compliance.

Now, GDPR has been in force for almost a year, and it’s still an essential consideration for any company. 6 months after GDPR implementation, people still weren’t fully compliant, and many businesses are still struggling today. The good news is that there are organisations like Audio Productions on the market that aim to make recordings, privacy, and GDPR more accessible for everyone.

Audio Productions is a company dedicated to delivering customer service and engagement solutions to customers in the communication market. We spoke to Audio Productions Director, Andrew Jones, about how people are adapting to GDPR, and why GDPR statements are so crucial in the quest for consumer trust.

What Effect has GDPR Had So Far?

Today, if you’re storing calls between your agents and customers, then GDPR dictates that you must let your clients know that they’re being recorded. There’s no room for vague permission anymore, or just assuming that your customers understand the situation. Businesses must ensure that their clients consent to their information being collected.

Andrew told me that Audio Productions has had a lot of customers coming back to them after GDPR, saying that they had a call recording in place, but they needed a notification that allowed them to explain why conversations were being recorded, and obtain consent.

“The initial reaction was people just panicking and stopping recording entirely”

“However, when the storm settled, businesses realised that they still needed to collect crucial information. They needed those recordings in place, so they had to find a way to make sure that their recording system was compliant. That’s how we can help.”

What’s the Best Way to Be GDPR Compliant Today?

The good news, according to Audio Productions, is that being GDPR compliant doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The best approach is to simply place an announcement in your call attendant or IVR that lets people know right at the start of the conversation that they’re being recorded. “It has to be the first thing that they hear before the recording starts. The customers should then have the option to decide if they want to go through with the call, or just hang up.”

There’s also a number of other things to think about too in the modern communication age. For instance, businesses need to consider how they’re managing their recording strategies in a multi-channel environment. It’s not just voice that’s relevant anymore, but email, SMS, messaging and social media too. There’s also the fact that you need to do more than just inform someone about a recording. You also need to ensure that you’re getting their consent.

Why Are GDPR Statements so Important Today?

Perhaps the main reason that companies can’t afford to ignore GDPR statements around their recordings is that the fines for non-compliance are astronomical. However, even if the penalties weren’t in place, it would still be essential to let your customers know that they’re being recorded. In today’s environment, where consumers are more concerned than ever with privacy and protection, businesses need to work harder to develop trust.

In the past, you didn’t necessarily have to let people know that they were being recorded. GDPR makes the issue of consent a lot more black and white. “Data privacy has become such a big thing. Ultimately, putting the GDPR statement at the beginning of the call that tells you about a recording helps to protect your reputation. It demonstrates a commitment both to compliant behaviour and your customer’s privacy.”

Thanks to issues in the news like the Cambridge Analytica scandal, any business who can develop trust with their audience and make them feel at ease, is one that can outshine the competition.

What Solution Does Audio Productions Provide?

Audio Productions offers a solution to companies who need to continue recording calls and conversations but want to make sure they’re compliant too. Andrew told me that Audio Productions solutions ensure that every caller is professional reminded that their call is being recorded. “You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s not a mumble or poor-quality recording. It’s clear message that’s in line with the law. It’s also a very low-cost solution for the simple welcome message.”

For resellers in the communication market, Audio Productions also offers a way to differentiate. “This should be bundled with every call recording package that you sell. Make sure that GDPR compliance is part of the service that you’re offering and give your customers that value.”

As people continue to understand and explore the rules of GDPR, the solutions that become available to resellers will transform too. You may find that resellers can start offering new opt-in solutions through artificial intelligence, or options to get a copy of the recording sent to the customer.

“The key thing to remember is that GDPR statements have to be a part of the call recording environment now”


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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 13:57, 12 Mar 2019

“The initial reaction was people just panicking and stopping recording entirely” – regulations can do that to people, make them stop doing things for fear of doing wrong.

Some great advice here, however.

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