Calabrio ONE Launches Twilio Flex Integration

Industry powerhouses join forces to extend valuable customer insights for contact centers

Calabrio ONE Launches Twilio Flex Integration

Customer experience intelligence company Calabrio has an AI-driven analytics platform that works to uncover customer behavior and sentiment for contact centers. The company last week announced a new integration with Twilio Flex, a customizable and intuitive API-rich platform. Twilio Flex lets users design exactly the kind of contact center they want with little-to-no-compromise on the finer details and intricacies of the contact center. The programmable contact center platform relies heavily on APIs, which Twilio said it champions, in a statement to UC Today,

“We champion the API economy. Why? Because APIs reduce the load and remove the obstacles of unnecessary complexity”

“The API economy is like the supply chain of the software world, meaning that companies don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time they want to build something new to improve customer engagement”

Twilio’s spokesperson added, APIs are the building blocks that help make software simple, allowing engineers to focus on what they need to, customers. “Removing that layer of complexity and enabling our customers to build great customer engagement is something that we pride ourselves on at Twilio,” she added.

The new full-suite integration gives organizations an out-of-the-box, ‘intelligent engine’ with a customizable set of insights to enact organization-wide-change in response to data. “Teams will more easily understand the customer journey, forecast and schedule agents for interactions, tap into intelligent interaction analytics, flow important information through to agents, as well as engage in better customer experiences,” Matt Matsui, Chief Product Officer, Calabrio, continued.

The cloud-to-cloud integration is a hybrid between a workforce engagement management platform (WEM) and the contact center as a service (CCaaS) model. It offers the simplicity of workforce management to contact centers, which can leverage a single platform for communication routing, workflows, channel expansion, data capture, quality evaluations, and advanced analytics.

“There is a shift in the marketplace as customers desire a connected environment rather than disparate systems or data siloes”

“To deliver on our customers’ need to aggregate this powerful data, we are partnering with leading telephony platforms to drive data-rich interactions for companies and their customers”

To this end, Matsui said, they are strengthening their integration with Twilio and increasing the functionality across platforms based on flexible as well as ‘customer-centric’ innovation. He added both Twilio and Calabrio put users at the center of everything they do, resulting in solutions that “hit the mark for today’s modern organizations.”

Matsui maintains the solution was born out of necessity and customer demand, citing ‘hypergrowth and flexibility of CCaaS and communications platform as a service (CPaaS).’ As such, he said, contact centers continue adopting and realizing the advantages of programmable cloud contact center platforms.

Twilio Flex supports anywhere from five to 50,000 agents, and together, Twilio Flex and Calabrio ONE’s offering should extend further scalability. The platform also promises increased proximity and better customer experiences. For those already using Twilio Flex, integration with the Calabrio ONE suite is now available.

Want to see a live demo and meet the Calabrio and Twilio teams at Enterprise Connect, March 30-April 2, 2020? The duo said they’re keen to chat and share more about the new advanced contact center analytics integration. That is if the event doesn’t get canceled. In which case, I am at least hoping for a digital conference.

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