CallCabinet Delivers Recording for Microsoft Teams

Compliant call recording for Microsoft Teams

CallCabinet Delivers Recording for Microsoft Teams

CallCabinet, a leading company in the delivery of cloud-native call recording, AI, and quality assurance, recently announced a new solution. The Atmos platform for compliant recording is now generally available for Microsoft Teams. The platform integrates directly into the Teams environment, delivering Microsoft Azure compliant call recording to businesses everywhere.

CallCabinet is now working directly with Microsoft to ensure that Atmos is certified under the new Certified for Microsoft program for compliance recording tools. With the Atmos solution, businesses can securely capture Microsoft Teams communications across web, and desktop clients, as well as smartphones. There’s no need for any additional software or hardware on-premise.

Introducing Atmos for Microsoft Teams

Using the Azure infrastructure, Atmos securely captures and stores all Teams calls, ensuring the best possible standards of compliance and sovereignty for data. Users can access call playback options, as well as downloading and securely sharing recordings with any Teams device that has a connection to the internet, thanks to Atmos’ interface on the web.

Ryan Kahan CallCabinet

Ryan Kahan

According to CallCabinet Group CEO, Ryan Kahan, organisations across the globe now see Microsoft Teams as a critical tool. Companies use the service to ensure effortless collaboration with a variety of devices. After listening to customer needs, CallCabinet integrated the Atmos analytics and compliance solution directly into the Microsoft Teams platform. Atmos provides a turnkey option that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams.

The Director of Microsoft 365 ecosystem marketing for Microsoft, Mike Ammerlaan, said that the team is pleased to see the CallCabinet Atmos solution leverage Microsoft Azure. Mobile and online collaboration solutions are more in demand than ever, and with this demand comes an increased need for compliance. Microsoft Teams and CallCabinet work together to ensure compliance for customers around the world.

Unlocking New Solutions with Microsoft Teams

As companies worldwide continue to pivot toward remote working solutions, the workplace is rapidly changing. Even when our current circumstances change, it’s unlikely that the whole workforce will return to the office. In an environment where remote working is growing, organisations need to ensure that everyone has a connection to the virtual office.

Tools like Microsoft Teams facilitate remote working solutions for team members wherever they are. At the same time, Atmos can ensure that businesses remain compliant, all while working within the Microsoft Teams platform. CallCabinet says that the Atmos integration for Microsoft Teams is a milestone in helping to improve compliance from a locational, to an individual concept.

You can learn more about the Atmos compliance recording solution for Microsoft Teams with CallCabinet today.


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