CallMiner and Sitel Group Expand Partnership

New expansion to drive improvements in customer and agent insights

CallMiner and Sitel Group Expand Partnership

Leading provider of solutions for speech analytics and customer engagement, CallMiner recently announced an extended partnership with Sitel Group. The Sitel Group brand is one of the latest CX management companies in the world. The two brands are coming together to improve customer interactions with the AI-based analytics platform offered by CallMiner, Eureka.

The analytics and client insights experts offered by Sitel Insights will leverage the Eureka Analyze and Coach solutions to create a behind-the-scenes view of the 3.5 million interactions managed by the Sitel Group globally. Providing real-time analysis of customer intelligence, Sitel will harness this technology to enhance customer experience, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. The update has allowed Sitel to see substantial improvements in the speed at which agents can complete their training and achieve greater competency.

Delivering Next-Level Experiences

The level of CX insights that Sitel can now provide to their clients is second to none. Both Sitel agents and agents operating as part of cross-enterprise deployments will have access to the Eureka Coach. This coach is a component of the Eureka platform that offers almost real-time performance feedback. The new feature will empower customer-facing agents to see immediate results from their efforts without having to wait for supervisor intervention.

Agents with access to Eureka Coach hit training elements 25% elements than those who don’t have the feature. In addition to offering better CX through enhanced agent performance, Sitel also leverages insights to quickly identify sentiment in association with service or product disruptions, to help clients understand business impact and act appropriately. According to the CTO and founder of CallMiner, Jeff Gallino, there are many insights waiting to be unlocked from every customer conversation.

The behind-the-scenes analytics in today’s conversations are crucial for guiding business decisions and customer experience strategies. While loyalty may not begin in the contact centre, it can often end there, and leveraging customer data is crucial to achieving success.

Delivering CallMiner with Sitel Insights

Cris Kuehl

Cris Kuehl

The CallMiner solution will now be integrated as a crucial part of the Sitel Insights experience, which specialises in advanced data mining, data discovery, and customer journey analytics. Today, Sitel is a specialist in mining data from multiple channels and sources to understand and enhance the customer experience with predictive analytics and diagnostics.

According to VP of Client Insights and Customer Analytics, Sitel, Cris Kuehl, every contact a company has with their customer is crucial today. Site’s partnership with CallMiner allows users to get closer to the conversations that brands have with customers. These insights will offer the opportunity to make more strategic decisions that have a positive impact on both employee and customer experience. The implementation of the CallMiner solution gives Sitel the opportunity to make a sustainable impact on their client’s KPIs.


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