Launches Amazing Outcome-Based Analytics

Advanced outcome-based analytics from Launches Amazing Outcome-Based Analytics, leading conversation intelligence platform for high-growth revenue teams, recently announced advanced analytics capabilities. The Chorus Conversation Intelligence platform delivers unique insights into practical indications of revenue momentum. Companies can examine the health of the relationships they have with customers and explore conversations in depth.

The updated capabilities of’s solution include an in-depth collection of reports built on leading AI technology that measures various aspects of customer interaction, including conversational skills, activity levels, deal intelligence, and market insights. also provides the option to drill down into specific moments behind the data.

The latest advancements come after Chorus’ successful $45 million Series C funding round, which furthers the vision for a connected Conversation Intelligence system. The connected CI platform leverages the company’s system and workflows to unlock more powerful insights and data in the platform, and directly.

Expanding Conversation Intelligence

According to the CEO of, Jim Benton, the key to brilliant customer relationships is finding ways to help companies understand which moments ensure positive outcomes for clients. Data is crucial – but it’s only helpful when it’s actionable. wants to make sure that its platform can deliver impactful insights to every business leader and employee. Sales cycle information, deal size, and sales process complexity are all important factors. can deliver granular and large-scale views of performance and revenue intelligence, as well as relationship intelligence, with advanced AI. The new suite for analytics offers full visibility into critical performance indicators. Currently, Chorus is the only platform that can offer this depth of insights. Chorus offers bespoke analysis, aggregate trend comparisons, out-of-the-box reports, and support for revenue leaders.

Chorus analytics also show the impact on sales stage conversions, and whether they lead to closed-lost or closed-won deals. The analytics from Chorus provide better insights to help processes like rep coaching, ramp time, company-wide collaboration, and more. VP of Global Sales at Mavenlink, Jeramee Waldum, says that they can find out if agents are using too many filler words, learn about engagement, and gain big-picture insights.

Prioritising Momentum

Dominik Facher

Dominik Facher

The new and advanced analytics experience from focuses on coaching signals and momentum in the interface so that every individual on each recording can understand the call and deal context. With insights into context and metrics, sellers can see things like whether their conversations are engaging, and what they need to do to drive sales.

According to the VP of Product for, Dominik Facher, the company’s product and engineering teams are working hard to build the most innovative and intuitive CI platform. The B2B customers expect the same experience in business software as they get in consumer apps. Conversation Intelligence buyers require enterprise-grade reporting and deep intelligence as much as enhanced experience for the front-line. The latest update to provides these benefits.


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