Chorus Launches AI-Based Recommendations

Accessing crucial training opportunities with Chorus

Chorus Launches AI-Based Recommendations

Leading conversation intelligence platform, Chorus, recently announced the arrival of an exciting industry-first feature for their state-of-the-art solution. The company is adding another AI-based feature to its portfolio in the form of “Recommendations.” The “Recommendations” solution offers role-based suggestions via Chorus’s AI technology, to help users automatically make the most out of essential moments from countless business meetings.

Highlighted moments reviewed by the Recommendations function may include calls that representatives need extra coaching on, deals that require in-depth reviews, and conversations that other agents can learn from.

Accessing New Learning Opportunities with Chorus

Roy Raanani

Roy Raanani

The State of Conversation Intelligence report published this year from Chorus found that a team of 20 agents will conduct around a hundred meetings each week. This means that sales managers need to painstakingly filter through every call to find the ones that are most in need of their attention. The Recommendations feature from Chorus removes this issue, by automatically surfacing the most critical moments of the day.

Recommendations analyses moments according to the biggest priorities of the business, flagging them within Chorus and delivering notifications via email alerts. According to the co-founder and CEO of Chorus, Roy Raanani, AI-based recommendations have the power to transform businesses and drive better customer interactions through focused and specific insights into relevant conversations. The Chorus team uses the Recommendations feature themselves on a daily basis internally, relying on it to uncover the calls that offer the most coachable moments.

Representatives in the Chorus team also use Recommendations to handle personal training opportunities and crucial deals.

Unlocking New Insights with Chorus

The AI-enhanced recommendations feature from Chorus automatically highlights the most critical moments in a conversation so that each manager and rep can review those instances individually. For instance:

  • For reps: Chorus offers essential conversation and call metrics for quick self-improvement opportunities
  • For sales enablement teams: Chorus highlights the low-scoring skills for the team and identifies the need for additional coaching
  • For managers: Chorus highlights calls that need attention specific to the business’s coaching requirements and highlights the deals that are most at risk

The introduction of Chorus Recommendations comes soon after Chorus just revealed their new integrations with Zoom and Hubspot. The leader in conversational intelligence also enhanced its feature set recently by delivering the first tool on the market to tie sales enablement and ROI together. With Recommendations, businesses will now be able to automatically curate and identify moments that will help them to build on their customer success strategies and enhance team performance in the long-term.


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