Cloud9 & RedBox Deliver Voice Trading Compliance

Introducing a comprehensive solution for compliance

Cloud9 & RedBox Deliver Voice Trading Compliance

Leading voice platform, Red Box, has recently expanded its voice capturing capabilities through a new integration with the Cloud9 cloud-based trader voice comms platform, C9 Trader. RedBox is a dedicated voice specialist that supports organisations in capturing and unlocking the value of enterprise-wide voice.

Cloud9 Technologies is a team of pioneers in trader communications technology dedicated to creating the “trading floor of the future.” Cloud9 was also recently named by the FinTech 250, demonstrating the company’s successful adoption by the voice trading industry.

The partnership between the two companies will allow RedBox to offer Cloud9’s C9 Trader desktop within its 4C release. The new solution also incorporates state-of-the-art integration with the latest tools for analytics and archiving in the market, helping businesses to audit and manage 100% of their calls so that they can unlock the most valuable insights available.

Expanding Compliance for Voice Trading

Red Box isn’t the only company that benefits from the new integration. Cloud9 will also be able to significantly enhance their archiving and call-recording functionalities for their customers. Cloud9 is already devoted to offering solutions that interoperate with significant systems within the trader workflow environment – supporting information generation and efficiency.

New regulations like MiFID II in Europe and Dodd-Frank in the US mean that today’s investment firms must work hard to keep complete records of the trade-related communications that occur in their business. Built atop the extensive architecture of open APIs supported by Red Box, the new Cloud9 integration will extend the range of platforms that Red Box can integrate with and ensures that all records stay in the same place, making it easier to track trades.

Capturing Communications around Trades

In a press release regarding the new integration, the Chief Product Officer of Red Box, Pete Ellis noted that today’s financial services companies need a reliable method to capture the communications that occur around a trade for compliance and regulatory purposes. As voice continues to be a crucial communication method in the trading environment, Red Box and Cloud9 are working together to ensure that it’s possible for businesses to capture all of their information in the same place.

Cloud9 leaders announced that they were happy to be taking part in the new integration with Red Box because it allows them to offer their customers a range of additional choices for their voice trading analytics and archiving practices. The Red Box open API philosophy also blends seamlessly with Cloud9’S open API strategy, which makes the partnership a match made in heaven.

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