Colt Tech Services Upgrades Relationship with NICE Satmetrix

Looking for deeper customer insights

Colt Tech Services Upgrades Relationship with NICE Satmetrix

Colt Technology Services, a company that aims to become a leader in the creation of advanced digital transformation solutions for modern companies, recently announced a renewed relationship with NICE Satmetrix. Colt will be upgrading and improving their connection with NICE Satmetrix in an attempt to access deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviour. The extended partnership will align with the company’s need for new cutting-edge capabilities like custom metrics and automated text analytics.

NICE is one of the world’s leading providers of on-premises and cloud-based enterprise software solutions. According to the Director of Customer Intelligence for Colt, the company has been building its reputation around an ability to put customers first – which is precisely what they plan to do with the use of NICE Satmetrix. Automatic text analytics will save the analytics team crucial effort and time while providing excellent insight into the feedback that customers provide. The new tools give Colt an easy-to-use full-service solution to bring benefits to customers and employees alike.

Expanding the Colt Solution Environment

The Colt Technology Services brand is currently responsible for connecting more than 900 data centres around the globe with around 27,500 on-net buildings. Colt has also earned a reputation as a pioneer in the Software-Defined network and network function virtualisation market. Today, the company prides itself on offering the best possible level of customer service. Colt wants to become one of the most customer-oriented companies in the industry.

With the help of NICE Satmetrix, Colt can enhance their trend analysis strategies with interactive chats and custom metrics. This allows their agents to provide a more advanced customer experience.

Building on Customer Experience

Nice brand generic logoAccording to the President of NICE EMEA, John O’Hara, Colt understands the importance of gathering and responding to feedback from their customers and has been working closely with NICE Satmetrix to gain insights for some time now. The upgraded relationship between the two companies will provide a stronger depth of insight through a host of new features like automatic text analytics, and unlimited access to B2B and B2C Net Promoter Score benchmarks.

Colt will also be receiving instruction from the Net Promoter Masterclass provided by NICE, which comes with new tools and best practices to empower Colt in the creation of amazing customer experiences to suit the needs of customers. The NICE Satmetrix solution delivers a host of powerful customer feedback and management software to bring together indirect and direct customer feedback and reveal a comprehensive picture of customer experience throughout the entire purchasing lifecycle. The flexible and dynamic analytics offer crucial insights to employees in every environment and help to drive adaptive workflows for prompt action.



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