Dubber Brings Call Analytics to iOS and Android

Dubber’s latest mobile app extends full web experience to mobile devices

Dubber Brings Call Analytics to iOS and Android

Cloud recordings company Dubber recently launched an updated version of its mobile app, an app that brings the full functionality of its web application to iOS and Android users. This is yet another step closer to improving mobile recordings and empowering a growing mobile workforce while rendering a secure platform to house meeting/call records without worrying about running out of storage space.

With Dubber’s new app, users can play, share, organize, and analyze recorded calls, as well as take advantage of its new ‘Meeting Recorder’ tool. With the feature, users can record meetings and store them in the Cloud just as they would with recorded calls. The developers at Dubber also invited another handy feature to the gathering – Zoe Voice Artifical Intelligence.

Dubber Taps Sentiment Analysis for Smarter Zoe Voice AI

Lately, there’s a ton of hype surrounding Sentiment Analysis, a solid addition to recording offerings that offer invaluable insight into sales calls, meetings, product demos, and customer service agent performance.

Zoe Voice AI taps the power of Artificial Intelligence to transcribe recorded calls and meetings, eliminating note taking while supporting mobile meetings. Zoe also harnesses Sentiment Analysis to analyze spoken language during calls and assigns a rating to calls and individual sentences.

Zoe can alert select individuals within a business who can react in real-time if:

  • Customers use customized trigger words/phrases set by management
  • Customers mention a competitor’s name
  • A call has a negative sentiment

Customer service surveys can be subjective and flawed in many respects. They also often neglect to provide the precise information companies are looking for. Zoe Voice AI nixes the outdated survey process, letting enterprises gain actionable insights using the keywords they identify as paramount. This makes it more manageable for call and contact centers to:

  • Remain compliant with GDPR and other privacy policies
  • Identify the purpose of a call
  • Offer insight into past calls
  • Help locate orders

Zoe Voice AI gives calls a sentiment score based on criteria deemed essential, which can trigger alerts for negative calls, excellent calls, and more. This may lead to proactive customer service agents who can address issues in real-time, increasing customer trust and satisfaction.

Get Ready for Dubber Dominance

Dubber is asserting its dominance in the global telecommunications market, especially amongst carriers, as its service is already integrated into core network infrastructure around the world.

Earlier this year, Dubber scored big business with IBM, opting to provide a cognitive call solution that combines IBM’s Watson with Dubber’s solution for a full breakdown of meetings and calls. According to the company’s quarterly report, they also saw an increase in service provider partnerships, jumping from 57 percent to 92 percent.

This alone is consistent with this kind of growth expected in a market where agility is key. As enterprises make the trek into the Cloud, Dubber is on par to exceed customer expectations regarding innovation and convenience. The company announced it would use its newly-acquired $22 million in funding to continue its quest for innovation and global growth.


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