Dubber Doubling Down for Future Growth

First-half results set the foundation for future growth and market expansion

Dubber Doubling Down for Future Growth

Cloud call-recording service, Dubber, announced a set of first-half results that confirm the appeal of scalable, quick-to-deploy, call-recording and playback cloud services.

Dubber bills its intelligent, built for the cloud, software as ‘the world’s most scalable cloud call recording service’.  Delivering cloud call-recording for mobile, VoIP and all major UC platforms is the foundation of Dubber’s vision to: “disrupt a hardware driven, multi-billion dollar industry, enabling call-recording to be switched on, as-a-service, as part of any telecommunications service for a monthly fee” according to Dubber Co-Founder and CEO, Steve McGovern.

Recording Record Results

Dubber’s triple-digit first-half (to December 31st, 2018) growth rates for service income, customer revenues and user subscriptions are evidence of cloud call-recording’s rapid adoption. Year-on-year revenue growth topped 300% at $2.0 million for the period, while user subscriptions rose 133% to 68,575.

A significant result is a rise in the number of partnerships with leading telcos and IT service providers.  Agreements are now signed with 92 companies for the Dubber Platform, a 142% rise, and include some of the world’s largest – AT&T, Cisco/Broadsoft, IBM, Cox Business and Vodafone – and  expands the market to a much larger potential number of users, with a consequential significant increase in potential future services growth.

“The first half of FY2019 has been significant, as Dubber’s technology has been adopted by an ever-growing list of global telecommunications service providers, which, not only has resulted in significant revenue, user and subscriber growth, but importantly further enforced our view that we are the global leader of scalable call recording”

A soaring share-price – it recently recorded its 52-week high, at $0.795 – reflects this optimistic view and values the business currently at c$115 million.  In terms of outlook, the company has reiterated its continued focus is on increasing active subscribers and Dubber Platform billings and growing its global footprint.

Recording Only Half the Story

Steve McGovern

Steve McGovern

Cloud-based call recording delivers all the typical cloud benefits – leading security, storage at scale, no capital purchase, pay for use and ease of management. Where Dubber delivers value, beyond base economics and performance, is the ability to open new possibilities and deliver added-value services to users.

Delivering scalable call-recording and playback to any user, on any platform is Dubber’s appeal.  As the only platform to include mobile, the attraction of high-quality, cloud-based call recording services goes up a few notches for organisations adopting flexible, modern-workplace practices. Cloud call-recording services can potentially benefit a huge number of new use-cases where the phone, for example, can finally disconnect from a notepad and pen. Dubber’s Open API opens the technology to telephony partners and technology providers to deliver new services and users.

Zoe, an AI collection of recording intelligence modules, delivers a productivity boost by speeding up and improving the relevance of playback through smart searches, keyword definition and search by sentiment.

All the foundations to fuel growth from wider adoption are in place.  The question now for Dubber is how far and fast can it build a subscriber and user base to gain critical mass as cloud call-recording services rapidly become more mainstream, and competition more intense?



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