Evolve IP Acquires NLP and Speech Analytics Firm

Evolve IP acquires Jog.AI

Evolve IP Acquires NLP and Speech Analytics Firm

Evolve IP, the Cloud Strategy Company, recently announced their acquisition of natural language technology and speech analytics firm, Jog.AI. The new purchase will enhance the company’s cloud communication strategy with advanced solutions to help users retrieve and record the things that happen within a phone call.

According to Evolve IP, the acquisition will open new markets for the company, and make it easier for them to deliver exceptional solutions in verticals like Finance, Healthcare, and Legal. The tech is well-suited to contact centres, executives, sales professionals, and all businesses with compliance or transcription requirements.

Introducing Jog.AI

Created in 2016, the Jog.AI solution provides an interactive visual environment that links call conversations and text transcriptions. The screenplay is copiable, clickable, and shareable, allowing users to flag crucial moments for quicker reference. The platform leverages multiple analytical technologies on a natural language processing environment, then applies AI codes to deliver an enhanced application for insight and ease-of-use.

The features of Jog.AI include:

  • Shareable and searchable text and audio
  • Transcriptions synced with audio playback features
  • Automatic moment marking with clickable point of conversation access
  • Hubspot and CRM syncing
  • Support for multiple natural language understanding, speech recognition, machine learning, and voice analysis technologies

According to the CTO and founding partner for Evolve IP, Scott Kinka, the company is excited to be bringing the Jog.AI technology to Evolve IP’s portfolio. The tech is incredibly user-friendly and appealing, and Evolve IP believes that it will see rapid adoption along with heavy market interest. Enterprise and mid-size clients are highly compliance driven, particularly in legal, finance, and healthcare environments. Services offered by Jog.AI will make everyday jobs easier and give employees an additional level of confidence when dealing with documentation.

Unlocking Natural Language Support

The Co-Founder and CTO for Jog.AI, Ed Ireson, said that the company is very happy to be joining Evolve IP and supporting the range of solutions that it provides. The wide user base that Evolve IP enjoys, along with a strong partner community and marketing strategy will help Jog.AI to get the recognition and growth that the business has been striving for. Additionally, with extra software development opportunities available, Jog.AI believes that they will be able to develop further the technology it brings to market.

Evolve IP delivers advanced cloud solutions to more than 420,000 users around the world, including unified communication systems, contact centres, identity management tools and disaster recovery.

The new support from Jog.AI will allow Evolve IP to take their service offerings to the next level.


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