How Vidicode UK Crunches Call Data in the Cloud

Vidicode UK provides actionable insights into historical call data, no matter the amount

How Vidicode UK Crunches Call Data in the Cloud

Vidicode has manufactured call and voice recording solutions for around thirty years, more recently, complimenting their solutions with speech analytics. They offer GDPR, PCI, and MiFID II compliant call recording through Apresa, and project-based data management via their speech analytics solution, VoiceCrunch.

The two work in tandem or independently and allow users to analyse call recordings from Apresa or historical call recordings from other call recording systems or sources. With VoiceCrunch, organisations with historical call recordings can analyse terabytes of data through a simple, three-step process that results in an analytical breakdown of phrases selected as crucial, and thereby identify calls that are of interest for compliance, training or any number of purposes.


One of the most impressive features of VoiceCrunch is its ability to highlight exact statements from calls. A solution of this calibre presents an organisation with the unique opportunity to find out what its call recordings really mean so they can enact changes that enhance the customer experience for callers or quickly improve compliance.

Business benefits of speech analytics

VidicodeThe benefits of such a powerful set of capabilities are endless. For processes like claims and complaint-filing, VoiceCrunch might be useful in suspected cases of fraud. For brokerage firms, VoiceCrunch could help spot insider trading patterns again, by identifying keywords or behaviors in recordings.

For contact centre management in search of higher metrics, Vidicode UK can also assist. If you find customers react better to Mr. and Mrs. based on a VoiceCrunch analysis, then add the terms to agent scripts. Once a VoiceCrunch analysis is complete, agents and managers can listen to calls, starting from the exact phrases they identify as key.

Everton Stuart, Managing Director at Vidicode UK, said:

“Vidicode UK can help organisations make critical decisions based on real contact centre data through our speech analytics engine”

“Because of our standard recording features and advanced search functionalities, we can scour data and make sense of calls spanning several years.”

Meeting consumer-driven demands

From my interview with Stuart, I learned that Vidicode UK really values customer feedback and looks to customers on how to innovate and enhance its offerings. What Vidicode UK does, as a result, is have developers build custom solutions for clients.

Accordingly, Vidicode UK created a custom PCI compliant call recorder for customer service and inbound sales calls for JML Direct. They are a household name in the UK, one of the nation’s best-known brands as well as a world leader in retail screen promotions and TV home shopping.

“We have invested in many solutions over the years and spent a lot of time trying to make our solutions fit customers’ needs. With MiFID II, GDPR, TCF and FCA regulations in mind, we produce robust solutions that can be implemented quickly and with the least disruption,” said Stuart

What’s in store for the future?

Looking ahead, Vidicode UK’s research and development road map are continually evolving. Now, they are developing features like stress level detection. Detecting stress in agents’ interactions with clients or colleagues before it escalates could assist in putting better preventative measures in place. This may lead to the creation of clear protocol on when to take issues to managers and when agents can handle them alone.

Vidicode UK’s forward-thinking approach to compliant call recordings and analytics in the Cloud are a dream pairing for making sense of vital call recordings data. As they continue to innovate in the call recordings and speech analytics space, it seems Vidicode UK is embracing any challenges that come its way.

The answer to excellent customer service could just be in your historical call recordings.


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