Intelligent Reporting from IPCortex Creates Differentiation & Opportunity

Comprehensive, customisable intelligent reporting tool makes it easy for resellers to deliver valuable data driven insights to hosted UC customers

Intelligent Reporting from IPCortex Creates Differentiation & Opportunity

IPCortex, the British communications software developer, has launched its new reporting tool, which delivers deep insight and unparalleled flexibility to businesses of all sizes. Intelligent reporting from IPCortex allows end users to analyse data and reveal insights about their communication trends and patterns conducted using the IPCortex hosted communications platform. It also gives resellers a major point of differentiation by strengthening their hosted UC propositions. This comprehensive tool is to be provided free of charge for Hosted Suite, the hosted UC platform developed by IPCortex.

IPCortex intelligent reporting is fully customisable unlike the reporting capability of alternative UC platforms, which only provide a limited set of vendor-generated reports with basic customisation. As well as a set of default reports, which are fully editable, IPCortex allows resellers and end users to create new reports from scratch no matter how sophisticated the requirement. Users can tag and filter data according to their specific requirements based on any characteristic of a phone call, alone or in combination with others. This includes, for example, inbound and outbound reporting, call counts, ring time or duration, how the call was made (e.g. via phone or web), and which agent took the call – all on a total or average basis. It covers both inbound and outbound calls over any date range and data can be displayed using flexible time intervals or chart types.

Sample reports from IPCortex intelligent reporting

This approach makes it possible for organisations to find precisely the right information they need, as well as uncovering new intelligence or communication trends hidden within the data that may not already be apparent or known, or that may have been missed. Through this, they benefit from gaining useful insights that, if used properly, can help improve customer experiences (CX), business processes and efficiency, sales offerings and marketing efforts.

For IPCortex resellers, adding such a comprehensive reporting tool to their proposition will create an opportunity to up-sell to existing customers and create new and differentiated propositions for new ones. The tool has been designed to ensure that even the smallest of organisations can benefit from detailed, data driven insights that will make a difference to the bottom line. Importantly, resellers can also provide professional services by creating reports for their customers either as a stand-alone value add, or by combining them with other business management tools to deliver unique insights. IPCortex is offering the reporting tool for free as part of its Hosted Suite, giving its reseller partners the flexibility to charge based on customer value, or to be more competitive when needed.

Rob Pickering, CEO at IPCortex comments:

“With increasing demand from end customers to create better customer communication experiences based on real insights and data, resellers are under pressure to provide robust solutions that can deliver the intelligence needed to positively impact the business. While many other reporting tools are rigid in their capabilities, we have built IPCortex reporting to be fully flexible and customisable, making a significant difference to businesses and giving our resellers a strong point of differentiation.”

IPCortex reporting tool will be available for resellers from May 2018.


About IPCortex
IPCortex is a British software developer whose real time communication and collaboration solutions help companies of all sizes to deliver extraordinary customer service and to maximise the value of working together. Founded in 2002, their award-winning solutions are used by household name companies in a wide variety of industries.

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