Intermedia Introduce New Analytics Platform

Intermedia Unite Envision

Intermedia Introduce New Analytics Platform

Unified Communications as a Service and cloud email provider, Intermedia recently announced the launch of their new analytics platform. Intermedia United Envision is designed to support partners and administrators in visualising real-time performance metrics associated with Intermedia Unite. The solution will highlight the results of the Intermedia United UC&C system, going behind the scenes of the strategy, which offers team chat, video conferencing, file sharing, backup and more.

Unite has a 99.999% uptime (five nines), along with exceptional 24/7 support, helping it to become one of the top choices for SMBs in search of a secure, reliable and affordable communications strategy. Now, Unite Envision will be provided for free with the Intermedia Unite Suite.

Exploring Intermedia Unite Envision

Mark Sher

Mark Sher

Some of initial apps to appear on the Analytics service include a state-of-the-art Partner dashboard and QoS dashboard. The QoS feature gathers Intermedia Unite metrics about video and phone call quality and translates them into actionable insights for a team. The analytics identify trends or issues that may be causing poor video or voice performance. Additionally, the Partner dashboard gives partners a simple single-screen view of all customer performance data, with options to create custom notifications.

This high-level actionable insight solution will be offered as a turnkey solution. According to the VP of UC product and marketing at Intermedia, Mark Sher, the company hopes to deliver superior experience to partners and customers with the new solution. It’s part of an on-going commitment to make UCaaS easier for partners.

Excellent Opportunities for Channel Partners

Intermedia is particularly excited about the opportunities that Unite Envision offers for channel partners. The company believes that the platform will help partners to provide excellent customer support and guidance through:

  • An intuitive one-stop dashboard: Through a single log-in partners can view all of their customer data at once, uncover data and drill down into specific data around customer groups. All metrics are provided in the form of intuitive and simple charts
  • In-depth examination: partners can explore the root causes of problems in individual calls to uncover issues like latency, jitter and packet loss
  • Active approach: Partners can set up impressive thresholds for possible outages and call quality, then create custom notifications for instant alerts when issues arise

Intermedia plans to continue building on the possibilities of their platform with Intermedia Unite Envision. They will continue to enhance the platform to help customers get the best experiences possible.

Impressive Responses from Customers

Customers have already responded to the delivery of the new Intermedia Unite Envision solution. According to the Program Director at Fisher’s Technology, Michael Rudolph, Intermedia has become a highly valued partner. Intermedia United opens a new world of communication opportunities for the business by allowing them to deliver feature-rich and reliable communications systems. This will enable customers to communicate however and whenever they want, on their preferred devices.

The introduction of the Unite Envision opportunity will now give Fisher’s Technology real-time insight into how Intermedia Unite performs across the full customer network in a simple and easy-to-understand platform.


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