Introducing Verint’s Knowledge-as-a-Service

AI-infused Knowledge Management from Verint

Introducing Verint’s Knowledge-as-a-Service

Leading customer engagement company, Verint Systems, recently announced the release of the newest enhancements to their Verint Knowledge Management Professional offering. The solution includes patented AI technology and new automation offerings to provide an intelligent and efficient way of connecting people to the knowledge that they need. Verint believes the new offering will deliver an era of “Knowledge Anywhere.”

Successfully implemented by various world-leading brands, the Verint offering features a host of powerful self-learning and cognitive search solutions. Combined with intelligent automation and API support, these updates streamline the knowledge sharing and surfacing strategy. Knowledge can now be accessed wherever and whenever it’s needed for more relevant and consistent experience for users and customers across multiple channels.

Transforming the Knowledge-Sharing Environment

More than just another AI solution, dependent on months of machine learning and massive data sets, Verint’s offering is an automated cloud strategy that accesses AI to understand specific industry-focused concepts from day one. The Verint offering can begin providing accurate searches immediately, without exhausting manual tagging processes.

Additionally, organisations can use Verint to improve efficiency and upgrade the customer experience with virtual assistants, mobile devices, contact centre solutions and more. According to John Goodson, the General Manager and SVP of products for Verint, the company knew that there had to be a better way to manage knowledge in the workforce. AI supports the Verint solution to ensure that it can understand unique nuances in the way that people communicate. The system anticipates the needs of each user and even predicts what they’re about to ask. Thanks to machine learning, Verint’s offering can always learn based on its exposure to the industry.

Leading analysts like Forrester have recognised that customer behaviour across channels poses an important challenge for companies to address going forward. We’re currently at a crucial tipping point in the customer service space, where companies need to think about the voice that they share with their audience at different points in the buyer journey.

New Innovative Solutions for Knowledge Sharing

Lee Beardmore

Lee Beardmore

By investing in innovative solutions for transformation, today’s organisations can ensure that they access dramatic results in increased customer satisfaction, productivity, and more, with accompanying decreases in support costs, service escalations, and more. What’s more, according to the Chief Innovation Officer of Capgemini Business Services, Lee Beardmore, getting the right answer out of knowledge bases isn’t always easy.

Designing a knowledge-centric culture through the AI-driven KM solution from Verint allows Capgemini Business Services to access impressive results with a number of client engagements. Capgemini has seen a reduction in query volume due to improvements in first call resolutions, a reduction in query handling time through the streamlined retrieval of knowledge, and improvement in time to operate due to reduced training time. There’s even been an upgrade in customer experience scores.


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