Introducing Vidicode UK – Secure Recording

UC Today spoke with the Managing Director of Vidicode about the company, their offering and what 2019 holds

Introducing Vidicode UK – Secure Recording

Today’s companies are under more pressure than ever before to come up with secure and reliable ways of managing the vast amounts of data that they handle each day. Every conversation with a customer and message sent online is a crucial data point for some organisations, particularly when you have compliance concerns like data protection (GDPR) and FCA regulation of financial transactions (MiFID/MiFID II), mortgage arrears and claims management.

Vidicode UK is a forward-thinking solution to today’s recording and speech analytics problems, offering tailored solutions to businesses in need of data management help. We caught up with Everton Stuart, the Managing Director of Vidicode UK, to learn more.

Tell Us About Vidicode

Everton Stuart, MD of Vidicode

Everton Stuart, MD of Vidicode

Vidicode is a company responsible for developing, designing and delivering sophisticated affordable solutions for data and communication management. The company has been around for over 30 years, though as Everton told me, it’s taken the brand some time to find a way to show their unique position in the UK market industry…but it is very well established in the Netherlands and in other parts of europe.

“After 13 or so years in the call recording industry I joined the Vidicode team nearly four years ago, and it was my job to make the company more recognisable in the UK. Over the years, we’ve accomplished a lot, but recently our biggest focus has been on providing flexible call recording, speech analytics, and screen recording strategies for customers.”

According to Stuart, Vidicode is amid a brand transformation.

How Do You Differentiate with Your Call Recording Solution?

There’s been a lot of changes in the speech analytics and call recording environment in recent years, particularly thanks to the arrival of new regulations like MiFID II and GDPR. As businesses are being forced to take more control of their data, they don’t want to have to waste time trudging through “gigabytes of calls” as Everton put it.

“We can help businesses to focus more of their energy on what they’re good at, by helping them to find the information they need quickly”

“Additionally, until now, speech analytics was seen as very expensive to adopt. We make it into a cost-effective project-based solution that people can access as, and when they need to. It’s about giving our clients the freedom of choice.”

How Have Recent Regulations Made a Difference to the Industry?

Regulation to protect sensitive credit card data (PCI Compliance) had implications for companies that needed to record all interactions with customers including when taking card payments by phone.  GDPR has prompted similar concerns, as companies have been forced to re-think how they document crucial data to remain compliant. Vidicode UK specialises in delivering compliant recording and analytics solutions to their customers.

“There’s a lot of content on our website to help people, and we also offer our customers a range of different options to help ensure their compliance. You can either manually deal with your recordings, or you can set up an automatic strategy instead. This is a free service as part of our package. What’s more, our call recordings are encrypted, and security fingerprinted, so that end users don’t have to worry about their security and privacy strategy.”

How Does 2019 Look for Vidicode?

So far, Stuart told me that the start of 2019 had been positive for Vidicode UK. The business has new international customers signing up for big contracts, and they’re seeing a rise in interest as resellers realise that not every hosted solution comes with its own compliant strategy.

“We can offer a lot more than just call recording, and that means that people are starting to show interest. 2019 has started with a bang for us, and we’re excited to go forward with the aim to attract new distribution and reseller partners in the months ahead.”


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