IPCortex Meets the Demand for Better Apps

Introducing CallStash from IPCortex

IPCortex Meets the Demand for Better Apps

Call recording is a lot more than just another communication add-on these days. In the past, recordings were a fundamental consideration for organisations that needed to retain conversation data for compliance and dispute resolution purposes. Now, in an era where data is the world’s most valuable asset, recordings are critical for extracting actionable insights from day-to-day activities.

Combined with CRM systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics and other logged data about a specific transaction, call recordings can tell you everything you need to know to drive better customer experiences and more efficient workforces. However, it’s not just changing opportunities having an impact on the call recording environment, but evolving organisational, security and privacy challenges too. With compliance concerns like MiFID II and GDPR to think about, how do you extract data without compromising on privacy and security?

We spoke to IPCortex CEO, Rob Pickering, about the rising demand for more secure and compliant call recording solutions that can also provide the crucial context that businesses need.

How is IPCortex Meeting the Growing Demand for Advanced Apps?

In an era where call recordings and business context are becoming more crucial, IPCortex has always included call recording in its system. The IPCortex virtual and hosted PBX systems come with built-in call recording systems capable of storing data for up to 21 days. Though this is fine for short-term strategies, it may not be enough for businesses in need of long-term recording management and discovery solutions, for example recording critical information such as proving verbal orders were placed or that legal terms were relayed during a call.

“To support the rising demand for better call recording experiences, we’ve just launched CallStash. CallStash provides long-term categorisation, archiving and retrieval solutions for critical call recordings”

“CallStash responds to the fact that phone systems aren’t just about minutes and desk phones anymore. It’s there to make conversations more accessible and contextual, while providing a way to make more informed decisions about customer experience design, and helping data strategies comply.”

As with the other IPCortex solutions, CallStash is available to add to any Hosted Suite install, and will allow all users with admin capabilities to manage their call recordings in the cloud.

How does CallStash Support Companies with GDPR?

There are a few factors that have had an impact on the evolution of call recording recently. One particularly crucial consideration is the introduction of GDPR – broadening the scope of personal data to include such recordings, but also requiring that personal data be adequately protected and only stored as is reasonably necessary. There are a lot of opportunities for partners and resellers to take advantage of the call recording solutions that need to be replaced for compliance reasons. Businesses will need the right strategy and policy and tools to help them secure and effectively manage their call recordings.

According to Pickering: “Businesses facing these new compliance concerns have two options. They can either apply the strictest security and retention controls to all recorded data, or they can classify recordings, allowing for a more customised and business appropriate policies to be applied. With CallStash, organisations can quickly tag and then classify their call data, making the application of their privacy and security policies much simpler. The system will also help in classifying when specific kinds of call data can be removed from the system entirely. CallStash provides companies with a way to simplify GDPR compliance when it comes to handling recorded call data.”

How does CallStash Drive Additional Business Value?

Systems like the new CallStash application will also help businesses to gain access to the contextual data that can help drive better customer experiences. For many modern organisations, a big part of the digital transformation journey relies on the ability to retrieve context from business information.

“Rather than simply keeping call recordings locked in an external silo, today’s companies need a way to combine their call data with other business information. This will provide valuable information on why certain interactions were more successful than others, and which markers can be used to define productive conversations. This helps to build a valuable and deeper insight that allows the business to make improvements to customer experiences.”


Data taken from call recordings can also help companies to see which channels they need to invest in to deliver more immersive communication strategies. For instance, a business might learn that they could benefit from chatbots on their web store, combined with options to interact with agents via web conferencing. Today, call recording isn’t just about ticking a box. “It’s about leveraging additional value for the business. Hooking call recordings and other contextual information about a transaction  into your CRM system, for example with, gives companies the opportunity to create informed customer experiences that add value. ”

In an age where customer experience is leading the way for business differentiation, companies with the greatest access to critical data will be the ones that come out on top.

“For businesses, solutions like CallStash offer more insightful data into how customers are interacting with their brand, including information about their behaviours, choices, and more”



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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 13:48, 12 Mar 2019

CallStash is a real ‘does what is says on the tin’ product. Looks like a great offering too, nice one IPCortex!

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