Kakapo Systems Release New Live Call Analytics Experience for BroadSoft

We speak to Kakapo Systems about the Unity Dashboard

Kakapo Systems Release New Live Call Analytics Experience for BroadSoft

End-users, resellers, and channel partners alike are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves in a world that’s driven by customer and user experience. Thanks to the updated Unity Dashboard solution from Kakapo Systems, users will now be able to create their own customised insights into telepresence performance.

Kakapo Systems is the software development company that specialises in user applications built specifically for BroadSoft. Their Unity Dashboard has been available in “tabular” view, for a while now, but the new “graphical” option is intended help customers transform their insights into call centre and phone performance with customised and easy-to-view displays. We spoke with Steve Tutt, the Marketing Director of Kakapo Systems, about Unity Dashboard, and what it means to the business of tomorrow.

What is Kakapo Systems Unity Dashboard?

Steve began by telling me that Unity Dashboard has officially been available for about a year now. The system was designed by Kakapo to help demonstrate the key metrics of a BroadSoft-operated call centre so that users and admins alike can see how well things are going, or whether there might be any problems holding the business back.

“It’s very granular when it comes to what you can see. Like all our products, it’s designed for BroadSoft users, and it’s highly configurable with a host of graphical operations.”

“All your reports simply update and adjust in real-time, and the dashboard can be enhanced to fill any size of screen. You can scroll through multiple views, show different departmental or team stats, and more.”

Some of the key features of Unity Dashboard include:

  • Alerts and Thresholds: Agent and queue statistics can be configured with specific colour-based alerts that inform viewers instantly of problems with the customer experience (CX)
  • Agent statistics: Users can choose to view total call duration, total outbound calls, transferred calls, and idle time for each individual agent
  • ACD State: Companies can view other essential statistics like longest waiting times, calls in queue, abandoned calls, and overflow
  • Scrolling views: simply move through a range of different queues and information for any ACD environment
  • Gamification: Encourage healthy competition among agents by configuring the dashboard as a leader-board, showing top agents based on calls answered and other metrics

What’s New to the Unity Dashboard?

While the Unity Dashboard isn’t brand-new, the update is what Kakapo Systems is so excited about. This windows app that connects to the BroadSoft system was only available in Tabular format up until this point. However, Kakapo is now offering a “graphical” format too.

“Essentially, you get the same statistics you saw on the table dashboard, with the same colour alerts, and the same real-time updates, but in a brand-new format that’s easier to view and assess. This makes it easier for our customers to easily see what’s going on in the call centre environment with reports that are fully configurable and easy-to-use.”

There are 14 canned layouts available, according to Tutt, which Kakapo Systems hopes will help them to support any variety of customer requirement. These layouts are also customisable, with different configuration elements available so brands can create the dashboard that suits them.

“We think this is an essential update for anyone who’s running a call centre on BroadSoft. Anyone running a call centre needs to be able to see what’s happening in their organisation in real-time, and they need real flexibility when it comes to what they can see on their dashboard. This way they can make sure that they’re achieving their goals.”

What Makes the Unity Dashboard So Attractive to Users?

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Unity Dashboard is the sheer range of different metrics it can show. While some statistics come from BroadSoft, like inbound call volume, for instance, other metrics are offered by Kakapo Systems on a local basis, such as “people awaiting calls”.

“The whole system is nice to look at, and easy to understand. It makes sure that call centres have a full overview of the things that are happening in their organisation so that they can make important changes quickly. Ultimately, the whole experience feeds into a world that’s focused more heavily on user experience and customer experience.”

When you can see what’s going on in your call centre at any given moment, you can customise results on the behalf of your customers, and your agents. Clients can be more easily transferred to the right agent at the right time, and the employees in the contact centre can also have more fun with their workplace experience.

“It’s all about making the contact centre more effective and productive by giving people access to the data they need to make instant, informed decisions.”

How Does the Solution Improve Productivity?

The Unity Dashboard by Kakapo Systems means that administrators and leaders can manage their call centre environment more effectively. For instance, if a supervisor sees that a particular agent is having trouble closing a call, then they can suggest taking over that conversation. Steve also noted that the Unity Dashboard isn’t reserved exclusively for the contact centre environment.

“If a customer has a bunch of users on BroadSoft telephony systems, but they don’t have a call centre, they can still use the Unity Dashboard to make the most of their strategy. For instance, they might want to see how many calls the sales team are making for telephone sales purposes, and they can set up a chart to show that. It’s not just for contact centre, but for anyone operating a telephone system with BroadSoft.”

Does it Add Value to the Reseller Experience?

Kakapo Systems’ Unity Dashboard shows companies the metrics that they need to see most, on a real-time analytics engine, which means it’s great for anyone who wants to smarten up their calling patterns. Tutt also noted that it’s a fantastic value-add for BroadSoft resellers.

“You can give your customers more insights without the need for additional servers or anything like that.”

“The solution can be spun up in seconds, and anyone can get a fourteen-day free trial to check it out for themselves. You can simply send a company the installer, and they can play with it for a while and decide if they want to buy it.”

The Unity Dashboard is also brandable so that resellers can make it look however they like.


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