New CRM From Neuraswitch and Speechmatics

Emotional analytics for innovative call centres

New CRM From Neuraswitch and Speechmatics

UK-based Automatic Speech Recognition leaders, Speechmatics, recently announced their partnership with leading CX provider Neuraswitch. The two companies have created a Salesforce-integrated platform capable of capturing calls, transcribing them in real-time, and offering emotional analytics in any setting required for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Neuraswitch has used years of experience working alongside call centres to develop their ConnexionsCX platform. According to the company, the system is intended to address the needs of businesses struggling with ever-changing customer requirements. The platform now works to support customers across a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, customer support, and manufacturing, to ensure more helpful and efficient interactions.

More Intelligent Customer Connections

The ConnexionsCX platform provides call centres with the emotional analytics technology they need to drive better customer satisfaction. The platform can provide:

  • Summary reports with keywords and emotional readings
  • Live feedback from callers via intelligent routing
  • Snapshots of crucial data to help leaders improve the bottom line

This flexible and secure solution for contact centre transcription will ensure that companies can react instantly to customer needs. The CEO of Neuraswitch, Brian Matthews, said that the brand is thrilled to be partnering with Speechmatics to give additional functionality to ConnexionsCX. Today, the speed at which Neuraswitch can transcribe calls in real-time has been dramatically improved. Sentiment analysis is only one part of the puzzle for ConnexionsCX, and the partnership with Speechmatics allows the business to add transcription services and improve analysis on a global level.

Decades of Experience

Ian Firth

Ian Firth

Speechmatics, a business with decades of experience in machine learning, can offer next-level automatic speech recognition and transcription to the ConnexionsCX platform. The VP of Products at Speechmatics, Ian Firth, noted that working with Neuraswitch has been a fantastic and natural step forward for Speechmatics technology. Now, contact centre platforms will be able to take advantage of speech recognition tech to enhance their customer experience strategy.

The Neuraswitch solution can go beyond enhancing the customer experience, by improving the moments that employees have at work too. With an easy-to-use interface, agents can connect directly within Salesforce, and track their performance when it comes to serving customers.


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