NICE Delivers Next-Level IVR Optimisation

NICE Brings AI into IVR Optimisation

NICE Delivers Next-Level IVR Optimisation

Leading communications company NICE recently announced their updated IVR solution, the “NICE Interactive Voice Response Optimisation” system. The IVRO platform (version 8.0) includes AI-enhanced analytics to improve customer experience across a multitude of IVR journeys. The NICE IVRO 8.0 streamlines the self-service experience so that customers can get the answers that they need faster.

Recently, NICE appeared in the Forrester Wave report for Journey Visioning Platforms in 2018. According to the report, NICE’s solution helps users to drill into the customer journey at multiple levels and visualise critical moments.

Augmenting Self-Service Solutions

Thanks to the implementation of advanced AI capabilities, the NICE IVRO solution allows organisations to expand and improve the self-driven resolution strategies within an IVR channel. Organisations gain a granular visualisation of every customer interaction so that they can better identify problems with processes and menus while delivering more profound insights into how to personalise customer journeys.

The new version of the IVRO supports stronger customer interactions while reducing operational costs at the same time. NICE claims that IVRO 8.0 is even easier to deploy than previous iterations and can work with any IVR platform. Features include:

  • Integration between IVR analytics and NICE Nexidia Speech analytics for in-depth insights into customer journeys and satisfaction levels
  • A Quick Insights feature powered by AI to analyse the most critical differences between journey flows and customer segments. This gives businesses an overview of reasons for containment and allows leaders to predict the likelihood of a customer transferring from IVR to an agent
  • AI menu optimisation ensures the optimal functionality and structure of an IVR menu within a customer’s journey. It also provides re-ordering recommendations to save time
  • A new menu complexity score metric that measures the level of complexity within the IVR menu, based on things like the time spent in a list, and the number of times a customer is forced to repeat themselves

Intelligent Customer Experience Solutions

According to the President of the NICE Enterprise Group, Barry Cooper, as the marketplace grows more competitive, complete omnichannel customer experience is essential. The IVR strategy is no longer something that companies can just ignore. Additionally, it’s critical for systems to be as contextual and intuitive as possible, so agents have a better chance of delivering bespoke resolutions.

IVR needs to be more intelligent than ever in an environment where customers demand intuitive self-service strategies. The new version of the NICE IRVO is another example of the company’s commitment to innovative strategies for the CX era.


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