Omnichannel Teaser from Akixi Wows BroadSoft Connections 2018

We examine Akixi's new omnichannel development which has been on show this week at BroadSoft Connections

Omnichannel Teaser from Akixi Wows BroadSoft Connections 2018

BroadSoft Connections is one of the biggest events in the unified communications calendar. The solution showcase provides the medium for BroadSoft’s most popular and innovative partners to demonstrate their latest and greatest solutions to the service provider audience in attendance. Akixi, experts in call data management and analytics, are one such innovative partner.

Specialising in hosted platforms that enable their customers to analyse and enhance their communication systems, Akixi have been demonstrating their latest innovation in the solution showcase at Connections 2018. For 7 years Akixi have attended Connections demonstrating their award-winning call management and analytics service, but this year for the first time service providers were able to get a sneak peak of their forthcoming omnichannel solution. During this year’s Connections event we spoke to their Managing Director, Bart Delgado, and their Product Manager, Colin Gill, to understand more about their omnichannel development.

New methods of business communications have developed rapidly, businesses are looking to leverage the power of all the different communication mediums available. Maximising exposure with customers and simplifying their ability to communicate with an organisation can act as a crucial differentiator. Email and online chat channels are crucial additions to the communication’s tool box. More and more providers are now offering their customers omnichannel contact solutions but as Delgado explains it hasn’t been universally available.

“People have been talking about omnichannel for some time, and it has been available to the large enterprise. With our new solution we are going to be able to make it available to the masses, within the SME space.”

Now that organisations are able to offer their customers the option of communicating by their preferred method, they need to be able to manage and analyse all of those interactions. That’s where Akixi omnichannel comes in. Akixi have huge experience from working within the industry to define and hone their call management and analytics solutions and soon they will be able to offer the same benefits in an omnichannel solution.

Their omnichannel solution will be generally available in Q1 2019. It will offer customers all of the management and analytics features that they have come to expect from Akixi in the voice arena, across the communication spectrum. Akixi have leveraged a huge investment in the development of the new solution as Gill tells us.

“By the time this goes to market there will have been over a year’s worth of development. It has been a massive undertaking and we have dedicated a huge amount of our development resources into getting this right.”

A preview of the Akixi Omnichannel dashboard

Previously unknown metrics will be revealed by Akixi’s latest solution. What is the average response time within specific markets to an email enquiry, for example. Akixi will be able to shed light on questions like this and in future developments they may be able to offer their customers further insight with benchmarks for chat and email responses.

Moving to offer omnichannel provision was an obvious progression for Akixi and something that they have been developing behind the scenes for quite a while. The management and development teams wanted to ensure that the offering, which may be dubbed Akixi 3000, would be consistent with the high standards set by previous Akixi tools prior to its release. Gill is very keen to see the solution live in the real world, after the huge investment of time and resource Akixi have focused on this new offering.

“I joined Akixi in January and this has been the first big project that I have seen through end to end. So I am incredibly excited to see all of our hard work pay off for our customers.”

Now that the platform is ready Akixi were incredibly keen to be able to demonstrate its capabilities to the service provider community who were in attendance at Connections 2018. The insight offered by Akixi allowing analysis of 200 sets of historical and real-time call statistics, dials, alarms, charts and desktop wallboards has proved invaluable to BroadSoft partners. Delgado tells us that the preview of their omnichannel solution raised huge interest at this year’s event.

“The common thing we have heard during the show, from service providers, is ‘that is exactly what our customers want’. Already we have had a huge number of enquiries from partners here who want to be able to deploy the solution. “

Judging from the feedback and interest at this year’s Connections it seems that Akixi’s omnichannel proposition will be of huge value, to not only BroadSoft partners, but the industry as a whole.

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