Optimising Omnichannel – NICE Reveals the Journey Excellence Score

NICE Introduces first omnichannel CX metric

Optimising Omnichannel – NICE Reveals the Journey Excellence Score

NICE, leading provider of on-premises and cloud-based enterprise software solutions recently announced a new customer experience metric. The Journey Excellence Score is an innovative new measurement designed to track the quality of customer experiences across a range of channels in the new multi-channel environment.

The Journey Excellence Score will be featured in the latest update of the NICE Customer Journey Optimisation system that arrived on the market on the 13 of November. NICE believes that their “JES” solution will help companies to better gauge customer experience so that they can find bottlenecks and gaps in the conversion journey.

The Evolving Customer Journey

While there have been numerous methods of customer experience measurement available over the years, many companies are still searching for the ideal solution in a world where CX is continually evolving and expanding. One common problem is the inability to track a consistent experience across multiple points of contact. This is an issue that the Journey Excellence Score from NICE aims to solve.

Designed to provide a comprehensive view of customer experience across every touchpoint, the Journey Excellence Score combines countless elements of multi-touch interactions with survey responses, sentiment scores and more to provide a better insight into customer satisfaction. The NICE solution even considers current scores like Average Handling Time and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The innovative metric also evaluates various past and present journeys to help companies track the likelihood of customer complaints and churn.

Features of the Journey Experience Score

With their new metric, NICE hopes to provide organisations with not just a better overview of their customer experiences, but also actionable insights to help them transform the customer journey. Features include:

  • Benchmarking and scoring for specific journeys like onboarding, payments, and technical support
  • Automatic calculation of customer experience for all journeys in the enterprise
  • Proactive recommendations for areas in need of additional investigation – particularly those that trigger a low score
  • Trended reports intended to help understand the impact of CX initiatives on customer service

The Journey Excellence Score from NICE also removes the need for data scientists and analysts to spend excess time uncovering unique insights from data. Underlying details from the JES can be easily tracked and understood, without onboarding additional stack. NICE believes that this new metric will give companies a way to install a more customer-centric culture with a consistent measure of customer experience and quality that improves their customer satisfaction efforts.

Cultivating Customer Experience with NICE

According to the President of the NICE Enterprise Product Group, Miki Migdal, customer experience is now the most critical factor in distinguishing industry leaders. As companies continue to prize customer experience as the ultimate differentiator, the Journey Excellence Score will help service professionals to identify and eliminate gaps in the customer journey.

Equipped with the correct analytics, organisations will be able to predict potential problems in customer experience, and address issues before they get out of hand.


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