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Out Loud: The Inside Track on Xarios Dimensions

Listen to Xarios tell us all about its new cloud-based cloud analytics platform, Dimensions

Out Loud: The Inside Track on Xarios Dimensions

Patrick is joined by special guest Jimmy Lim who is Vice President of Cloud Products at Xarios Technologies.

Jimmy starts by giving Patrick some of the background on Xarios and its history in the analytics world. Xarios have been working for decades partnering with some of the biggest UC providers globally.

Next Jimmy tells Patrick about the development of Xarios Dimensions and its move into the cloud world of software platforms. There are many features within the new Dimensions platform and Jimmy takes Patrick through some of these. The innovations fall into three key areas; Call reporting, Wallboard functionality and a live Dashboard.

“This is a brand new world for Xarios, in terms of taking advantage of the cloud platforms and what they have to offer.”

Patrick also asks Jimmy about their future plans for Dimensions. The world of cloud opens up realms of new possibilities with the huge amount of data available to analyse. Jimmy gives Patrick some examples of different areas that they are looking to explore.

“The integration is really simple, and the scaling is out of this world. So its been great to have that operation from the cloud.”

Finally Patrick and Jimmy discuss the reception that the new Dimensions platform received during the KAZOOcon conference. Jimmy is incredibly pleased with the amount of interest that they have received and for the potential of the platform moving forward.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Jimmy Lim from Xarios Technologies.

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