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Red Box and Tethr Announce New Partnership

Simplifying the delivery of voice analytics

Red Box and Tethr Announce New Partnership

Tethr, one of the leading providers of cloud-based conversation analytics, recently announced their partnership with Red Box, a leading voice specialist. Tethr offers an intelligent platform that combines machine learning, decades of customer experience research, and a powerful AI to provide contextual insights from customer interactions and phone calls. Red Box, on the other hand, is a voice specialist that helps organisations to capture secure voice conversations, accessing more essential insights into their interactions with customers.

Working together, the two companies will help their customers to more easily gain business insights from the voice data that they collect. Red Box can securely capture audio from more than 55 separate telephony systems, including new and legacy solutions. This will allow Tethr to increase its capture opportunities and leverage more high-quality audio for analytics. The Tethr platform has been trained with over a decade of sales, service, and customer experience research, for out-of-the-box insights.

What to Expect from the New Partnership

As part of the integration offered by the new partnership, the customer voice conversations captured via the Red Box platform will now be ingested seamlessly through Tethr’s AI-based platform, as well as being mined and transcribed for business insights with the Tethr research-backed libraries for customer loyalty, effort, and sales effectiveness.

The CEO of Red Box, Richard Stevenson, noted that the work that Tethr is doing to service insights from customer conversations is driving incredible value for enterprises, and enabling measurable improvements in customer experience. As part of the open API strategy, the company is thrilled to be working alongside Tethr to allow customers to access more customer conversation data from throughout the enterprise. This also ensures that businesses can get the most value out of voice data.

The CEO of Tethr, Mike Mings, noted that partnering with the Red Box business will allow the Tethr company to combine the rich voice data that Red Box offers with their research-backed AI to deliver more insights from every customer interaction throughout the enterprise. This will give users access to in-depth insights and analytics via one of the easiest to use and most authoritative platforms for conversation intelligence on the market.


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