Red Box Launches OEM Partnership with Nuance

Nuance Communications and Red Box unite

Red Box Launches OEM Partnership with Nuance

RedBox, one of the leading voice specialists in the market today, recently announced their partnership with Nuance Communications. Nuance is a pioneer in the conversational AI industry, delivering intelligent solutions to everyday conversations. The business offers solutions capable of understanding, assessing, and responding to natural human language.

The partnership with Red Box, a company that provides the most open and connected platform for capturing and transcribing voice communications, will lead to new opportunities for both brands. Red Box will be able to offer an integrated solution for customers that gives them enterprise-wide opportunities to capture voice data, combined with intelligent transcription and voice biometrics from Nuance.

New Features from Nuance and Red Box

Pete Ellis

Pete Ellis

The integrated speech-to-text transcription solution available from Nuance through Red Box has been launched within the latest Red Box product release. Now, companies will be able to access transcriptions of their pre-recorded audio in 28 dialects and 14 different languages. There are three modes available for accessing this voice data: accurate, warp, and fast. This balances hardware requirements, accuracy, and speed needs for today’s customers.

According to the Chief Product Officer at Red Box, Pete Ellis, it’s more important than ever for today’s businesses to be able to capture voice accurately and efficiently. The more data a company can collect, the easier it is to understand the customer. Combining Red Box’s excellent voice data capture solutions with the transcription engine from Nuance provides valuable business outcomes to customers. Along with Free Speech voice biometrics, the Nuance Transcription engine through Red Box will help to enhance digital transformation and increase customer satisfaction for users.

Ellis believes that the new collaboration will also assist with fraud detection strategies and cyber breach prevention too.

Integrations with Other Applications

Keith Mconaghy

Keith McConaghy

The transcribed data collected through Red Box and Nuance’s Transcription Engine will be available to export into the third-party applications supported by Red Box. Customers will be able to align their recordings with solutions in the Red Box partner ecosystem, making it easier to access business insights. According to Red Box, clients will be able to unlock things like auditing, surveillance, and quality analysis. Voice recordings combined with Nuance transcription can even support the future of Artificial Intelligence training for some companies.

According to the Director of Channel Sales at Nuance, Keith McConaghy, RedBox is a critical player in the voice capture market. Combining the capabilities that Red Box offers with the Nuance Transcription service will ensure that organisations throughout the world can turn unstructured information into insightful structured data sets. The new partnership delivers a fantastic pre-optimised solution for companies hoping to reduce deployment time and minimise total cost of ownership.


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